Albuca “Augrabies Hills”

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South Africa


Family: Hyacinthaceae

Small bulb with narrow feathery semi-deciduous leaves. Produces long bloom stalks with yellow tipped whiteish-green flowers in the spring.

This plant was originally introduced by Arid Lands, and was reportedly grown from seed collected in the Augrabies, near the South African Namibian border. However, it’s origin is disputed since it closely resembles Albuca polyphylla, (the one exception being the yellow tips of the flowers) which grows in the eastern cape far from the locality of the seeds.

This plant seems to grow all year around, however, it is most active in winter. This growth pattern is consistent with its reported origin of the Augrabies which is a winter rainfall transitionary region. Plants should be grown in a well draining mostly in organic mix, heavily amended with horticultural pumice. Can be watered every other week throughout the year, however it can handle going completely dormant throughout the summer. Plants do well outside in pots, or in a landscape with highly inorganic, well draining soil.


Temperature: Hardy to 20F

Full Sun to Part Shade

Extra Chunky

Low Water

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