Late Night Choir Blogging

It’s the nephew in a choir on tour in Switzerland, so that deserves a blog post! He’s the first one you see when the camera zooms in, on the far left.

Late Night Video Posting

Its the Rooster-on-the-Field Edition of our late night videos. No mere kitten videos or pig-horse friendship videos for us!

Saguaro Video from NGC

I can’t get the video to embed so you will have to click the link.

Here’s the link:


But do click the link. Well worth it for the Pygmy cactus Owl chicks! Baby owls!!!!

Echeveria Bloom and Musical Number

The prettiest Echeveria of all is:

Echeveria lindsyana

Echeveria lindsyana

Wow! If I didn’t have a nursery, and thus have a whole bunch of these Echeveria lindsyanas already, I would for sure buy that.

Some facts for you: From Mexico, as is typical of these Echeverias in the Crassulaceae Family. Hardy into the lower 20s, but probably not all the way down to 20F. They will form small dense clumps of 6″ rosettes. And they’re pretty. Oh so pretty. They feel pretty and witty and bright! And I pity any Echeverias who isn’t lindsyana tonight!


Garden Tips

From J Peterson Garden Design in Austin, TX

I’ll have to try that out. Of course, here in Northern California we have better local wines than they do in Texas, so it’s all good.

Succulent Weddings

EHow has an instructional video showing you how to put together succulent centerpieces for a wedding. I suppose these could be used for centerpieces for any kind of party or celebration. I wonder… Can you use it for Valentine’s Day?…


I like the way he shoves the aloe in. Now I understand this is just a centerpiece and so is not necessarily intended to survive the event, hence no drainage holes in the bottom, but really it would be nice if he added a bit more soil around the root balls before putting the rocks on top. I guess. But he does know how to make a pretty centerpiece.

Weird Cactus Instructional Videos

That was short. This next one is much, much longer. So long, in fact, that I haven’t watched it all the way through. Who has time for that? If someone does, can you please report back to us how good the ending is? Thanks

More Jumping Cholla Videos

Yesterday’s video was the painful side of this same plant.

Here we see the prettier side of Cylindropuntia bigelovii. Now to be clear, the video is labeled as featuring the flowers of the cholla, however, there are no flowers in the video that I can find. What I see are the fruit. Still, it’s more calming than yesterdays video.

Video Not Included

This picture came to me in an email trying to get me to watch a video about how garden centers can better connect with their customers.

If connecting with my customers requires me to wear what looks like a puppet frog on my shoulder, then… well….

But no, my videos will never feature me with a puppet frog on my shoulder. Kids can go play with the whippets if they come to the nursery.

How to Stress a Succulent

Debra Lee Baldwin shows you how to make your succulents more colorful with brighter colors and more flowers. But not too stressed.

Does it make you nervous to think about trying this? Keep in mind that this trick of extra stress will slow down the growth of the plant. Sometimes we like to make a plant happy first, let it grow thick and lush, and then slowly increase the stress levels to bring out the wonderful colors.

How to Fertilize an Orchid

My latest YouTube Instructional Video! Crucial information towards the end of the video, so be sure to watch all the way through.

Cactus Jungle on TV

They used our custom Succulent Wall Panels on the DIY Network show, Bath Crashers. And they gave our delivery van a plug. That’s me in the drivers seat. I condensed a very jumpy 30 minutes down to 2, with our 1 second part at about 1:30.

Terrarium Geckos

We’re big into terrariums these days. We have a terrarium at the store with geckos now!

New Caledonian Crested gecko babies. I know this isn’t the most in-focus video, but it’s still so darned cute. And look, back behind them, there’s a cryptanthus.

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