Tiny Flowers

Those are some very small, tiny, Crassula perforata flowers. So small that in person they just look like dead flowers. But no, up close they are alive. ALIVE!

Interesting Framing

Aloe ferox at the Cactus Jungle on a sunny day.

It’s all good.

Common Name: Cape Aloe

Single large toothy rosette on tall stalk, outdoor up to 8ft.

Hardy to 20-25F

Full Sun to Part Sun

Gorgeous Tiny Stapeliad Flowers

Cynanchum marnierianum

Amazing little flower, but look there’s 8 more buds too!

The plant itself is all hanging bare stems. Practically a “stick plant” I’d you ask me.

Star Cactus

Ariocarpus fissuratus vibrantly blooming in autumn.

Common Name: Star Rock, Chaute

Origin: Big Bend, Texas; Mexico

Description: Slow-growing to 10″d; hairy center; summer blooms; keep dry in winter

Hardy to 25F
Full Sun
Extra Chunky Cactus Soil
Low Water

Umbrella Flower

Ceropegia sandersonii has giant umbrealla, or parachute-like flowers! Very unusual vining Stapeliad.

Common Name: Parachute Plant, Umbrella Flower
Origin: Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland
Description: Vining Stapeliad with massive unusual parachute-like flowers.

Hardy to 45F
Part Sun
Low Water

Blooming Cactus Flowers

Beautiful Ariocarpus retusus flowers!

Ariocarpus retusus

Common Name: Living Rock Cactus, Seven Stars, Chaute

Origin: Mexico

Description: Highly variable, possibly through hybridizing. Slow-growing to 10″d; hairy center; summer blooms. Keep dry in winter

Temperature: Hardy to 15F

Summer Cactus Flower

It’s a cholla in full bloom! Well, it’s a single cholla flower. At least! Maybe I could zoom out and we’d see if there are more flowers.

And it’s a California native cactus too.

Cylindropuntia fulgida

Chain-Fruit Cholla, Boxing glove Cholla

Origin: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Baja California

Medium height tree cholla, to 6ft tall. Flowers in summer.

Hardy to 5F.


Easter Lily Cactus 

Echinopsis oxygona 

Origin: South America

Description: Forms clumps. Stems are variable – 2-10″ diameter; spines are variable, not always present. Large tubular showy flowers range from pinkish white to lavender, sometimes light red.

Temperature: Hardy to 20F

Full Sun to Part Sun

Pincushion Protea, Berkeley 

Leucospermum “Scarlet Ribbons” 
Common Name: Nodding Pincushion

Origin: South Africa

Description: Evergreen Shrub

Medium sized shrub with serrated leaves and red tips. Gorgeous multicolored pincushion flowers in yellow, orange, pink, and scarlet. Tolerates a wider range of soils than most Leucospermums.

Temperature: Hardy to 25-30F

Sun: Full Sun
Water: Low
Size: 5ft

Knobbly Mesembs

Cute South African succulents in the Mesemb Family, also known as the Iceplant Family, also known as the Living Stone Family. Indeed! To be clear the actual family name is Aizoaceae, Sub-Family Ruschioideae. And yet they’re called Mesembs because at some point in the past the family was called Mesembryanthemaceae. And some will dispute the current family name anyway, and insist these all belong under Ficoidaceae instead. Don’t get me started!

Aloinopsis schooneesii

Small dense clumps of speckled blue-green leaves sit on large tuberous roots, which can be esposed over time to form an unusual bonsai. Yellow flowers in spring.

Titanopsis calcarea

Small clumper forms dense mats of thick open leaves. Winter-growing, keep dry in summer. Grows in limestone strewn areas.

Ceropegia Flower Just Starting to Open 

Ceropegia serpentina is one of the strangest succulents with a basically bare stem that travels in weird directions. Until it blooms. Here it is just starting to open. And there are more than a dozen more buds still to come! 

Stapeliads for everyone! 

Carrion Flowers 

These are among the stinkiest carrion flowers ever! 

Orbea lutea ssp vaga 

Butterfly Mango 

Echinopsis x grandiflora “Butterfly Mango” 

Another giant #cactus flower! Sweet. It’s a good spring for cactus flowers. 

Whitesloanea crassa

My mature Whitesloanea crassa has gone nuts just before winter sets in. Blooms all around.

Origin: Somalia

Description: Rare caudiciform stapeliad; dry and warm in winter. Can grow to 10″ tall. We grow them with weekly water during the hot part of the year and monthly or less in the winter.

Hardy to 32F
Full Sun to Part Sun
Low Water

Bear Paw


Nice Bear Paw Succulent with cute little orange flowers.

Cotyledon tomentosa

Succulent Caudiciform Trees!


Operculicarya decaryi


Succulent bonsai tree in the Cashew Family (Anacardiaceae) with thickened roots that can be further exposed as the plant grows. Deciduous. Slow growing, no frost. Small pinnate leaves are a little bit larger and greener in shade; Tiny and deep red in full sun.

Full Sun to Part Shade
Cactus Soil
Low Water



Hoodia gordonii, now with more photo filters!

Stems to 12″ tall, clumps of many spiny branches. Tan to Burgundy carrion flowers. Stems are eaten as an appetite suppressant by the San people of the Namib. Very low water.

Hardy to 25F if very dry in winter
Full Sun to Part Shade
Cactus Soil
Low Water

South African Fockea


Fockea crispa, or more properly called Fockea capensis, has tiny little flowers. Five-lobed! Sweetly-scented!

Caudex to 24″; Dry in winter, sweet smelling flowers late summer. Hardy to 35F.

Small Echeveria


Echeveria albicans isn’t a real showy succulent but if you look closely you’ll see it has nicely sculpted leaf edges.




It’s a baby Saguaro! So big and full!

Carnegia gigantea
Arizona, California

Classic giant cactus from the American Southwest. Slow growing. Will grow their first arm around 75-100 years old and can live 150-200 years. Some populations hardy to 15F if dry in winter.

Hardy to 15-20F 
Full Sun
Cactus Soil
Low Water


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