The Echinopsis grandiflora hybrids are starting to bloom! This yellow one is called, or we call it, “Buttercup”. Because it’s yellow. Nice!

Dragon Fruit Cactus


Cactus Jungle Crew I bought a Dragon-fruit Cactus from you. It was in the green house. I wanna share a photo, one of your crew said to send a photo to see it in a happier place.

Dragon Fruit Cactus


Thanks! Lots of nice new growth on it.


Crested Saguaro


Genn sends a photo from the Arizona desert. And it’s a crested Saguaro!

Potting Up the Cactus in Winter during a Drought

Stetsonia coryne

I see the Stetsonia corynes are ready to be potted up, but we like to wait for spring before we subject cactus to the vagaries of the transplant process since they’re dormant in winter. On the other hand it’s a very very very dry winter right now and after 4 years of drought it doesn’t really matter. Pot ’em up! But soon, one year, anytime now, soon enough, we will be out of this drought and then there will be another wet winter and we will have to relearn how to be careful with the potting of the cactus in the winter months again.


Cactus Candy


I’m back! Someone gave me some cactus candy for Christmas so I’ve been on a sugar rush ever since. Nice!

Fashionable Cactus

Are you a fan of the cactus? Then you are so fashionable right now that you are practically dripping in irony.

Fashion’s love affair with the humble cactus

Marina London's silky green separates are best accessorised with Pedro the cactus

Marina London’s silky green separates are best accessorised with Pedro the cactus…

The tough, drought-tolerant cactus and its close relation the succulent (the fleshy-leaved, geometric-shaped rockery plant, also known as house leeks or sempervivum), are ”trending” right now.

Expensive clothes, expensive stool, expensive cactus – so why is the pot cheap plastic? You couldn’t spring for terra cotta?

Boston Cactus

Fear Not, New England: The Hilltop Cactus Is Here To Stay


The Hilltop Steakhouse sign is “one of the few remaining landmarks on Route 1 in Saugus from the bygone era.”
Boston Globe

The plastic cows may be forever gone from Route 1, but the giant, green neon north star in Saugus is going nowhere fast.

A sign from my youth. And it’s still there? Who knew!?! Classic.

Halloween? Annual Cactus Costume Roundup?

It’s my latest of an annual roundup of cactus costumes just in time for Halloween. Not in time for you to get any of these copied or bought to use yourself, though. It’s too late for that.

So enjoy!


Dancing Cactus with Backup Dancers

5632639026_98e4cc89a0_m[1]  5641024851_eeffc7b196_m[1]

It’s a Cactus costume that doubles as a fancy top hat for the rest of the year. Nice!


Katy Perry Cowboy Birthday Party

Robyn, Katy Perry, and Jeremy Scott at Katy’s Wild West Ho Down Throwdown birthday party.
Photo: The Cobrasnake


Cactus Man Halloween Costume

And the clear winner is this one. It looks like it took a lot of work. No slipping a plastic costume on here.

Prickly Pear Pad Cactuses

Do we have some Opuntias for you! Today we feature Beavertails and Prickly Pears..


Opuntia “Baby Rita”


Opuntia basilaris v caudata


Opuntia “Burbank Spineless”

That’s done delicious looking fruit!

Electric Cactus Revisited

Yesterday I posted a YouTube video of an Electric Cactus and promised that it would be very exciting and amazing, and then I clicked the video and it was no such thing. It was kind of dull. Well today I revisit the concept of the electric cactus.

Jeff Kolega’s Desert Wind Sonata for Cactus and other Stuff.


Electric Cactus

Did you ever wonder what an electronically amplified cactus sounded like? Now you can find out. All you have to do is click the play button on the YouTube video below and prepare to be amazed.

OK, so maybe that wasn’t so amazing.

Pictures of Cactus Flower

People like pictures. Pretty pictures of pink flowers are even better!

Cactus flowers on a cactus blog are just so the absolute best.

And what do we have here?


Gymnocalycium stenopleurum ssp. friedrichii

Small barrel cactus from Paraguay  gets only 4″ across.

Late Blooming Barrel Cactus

I see we have some late blooming barrel cactus at the store. Nice!


Ferocactus glaucescens


Ferocactus pottsi

For some reason, people always like the 2nd flower better. Weird!

Yellow Bunny Ears


Opuntia microdasys “Aurea”

Dotted with tiny glochids, mounding small pads to 3ft.
Hardy to 20F

Can You Help With a Cactus Identification?

Hey there, guys…
Sorry to bother you, but does the tagged specimen look like a positive id for Eriosyce occulta? The tag says that but it looks like more a copiapoa to me.


The untagged one looks like an eriosyce, too, perhaps?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again!


It’s not a Copiapoa. It’s probably an Eriosyce that has been greenhouse grown. The spines at top are black, and you can look for a taproot when you replant it. Or wait until it flowers for a final ID. There are others it could be like a Coryphantha, but it would be a rare Coryphantha with black spines, so it is most likely the Eriosyce.

I don’t know the untagged one, but I don’t think it is E. occulta. I’ll post it to the blog, but you may have to wait until it flowers – send us a picture when it does!


Prickly Pear in Blue



Opuntia robusta

Tall, fast growing blue prickly pear with large round pads
 Hardy to 20F 
Cactus Soil
Low Water

Beehive Cactus


Coryphantha delaetiana – Beehive Cactus
3″ across, solitary. Rhomboid tubercles. Pale yellow flowers.
  Hardy to 25F 
  Full Sun to Part Sun
  Cactus Soil
  Low Water

Paper Spine Cactus


Tephrocactus articulatus v. papyracanthus

Papery-spines w/glochids; 6″; Hardy to 25°F
The stems break off readily and go rolling around, then they root and presto! You’re cloning a new plant. Nice!

Opuntia "Baby Rita"


Opuntia “Baby Rita”
Small pads, will grow 3 feet tall. Very spiny pads turn purple in winter.
Hardy to 15F 
Full Sun to Part Sun
Cactus Soil
Low Water

Mammilaria elongata


Mammilaria elongata


Long stems, 1″ diameter, clumping; tight star-shape spines. Small cream-colored flowers form a crown around the tips of the stems.

Hardy to 25F

Full Sun

Cactus Soil

Low Water

Custom Cactus Terrarium


Anne’s latest Cactus Terrarium us a custom job for a customer’s terrarium glass.

👑 🌵 💃


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