Scented Geraniums

We have a few scented geranium things and some other pelargoniums too and they’re OK. But then there’s this one.

Pelargonium “Vancouver Centennial”

This one just blows me away. We first had it 2 years ago and then last year we couldn’t get many at all! So this year when it was available we’ve bought them out. This means you shouldn’t be able to find them anywhere but at the Cactus Jungle. Hahaha. Just kidding. But next year we’re going to grow them ourselves just to be sure we can have them in stock for you.

So what is it that I like? Why it’s the foliage, young man. The flowers aren’t too big and grotesque like some of the zonal geraniums. But those leaves! And I try to find other cultivars that are just as nice, but none of them match up. How did they do that with those leaves, wihtout also have other cultivars that are just as stunning? It’s a mystery.

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