Agave scabra

Agave asperrima

Structural Agave with thick grey-green roughly textured leaves that come to a long black point. Vertical rosette to 3’h. Will pup over time. Deer Resistant.


Agave schottii

Clumping agave with long narrow leaves to 2ft Used for erosion control.

Agave shawii

Clumps of colorful dark green 2-3ft. rosettes. Inflorescence 10 to 15 feet tall. Native to Point Loma coast near San Diego.

Agave sisalana “Mediopicta”

6ft. upright vase-shaped rosettes w/striking striped leaves. Fibrous leaves harvested for sisal, used for rope, rugs and similar.

Agave striata

Generally solitary w/long thin narrow leaves; to 2ft.

Agave striata v. nana

Dwarf species, dense light-green leaves with vigorous red-spined tips. Grows in a very regular rounded form. Will be more blue in lower light. 8-12″.


Agave stricta

Thick stem with long narrow spiny leaves forms a dense green spherical rosette to 3ft with dark brown tips. Forms a beautiful colony over time.

Agave tequilana “Lemeno”

Dramatic moderate fast growing Blue Agave with yellow edged leaves. Open rosettes, semi-spineless powder-blue leaves.

Agave titanota

Typically solitary, this form stands out as an abundant producer of pups. A medium stature Agave with rigid pale white-blue leaves. Brown teeth and margins persist as the plant matures.

Agave titanota “Black and Blue”

Typically solitary, this form stands out for it’s stunning compact blue leaves and graphic contrast of the black marginal edges and teeth.

Agave toumeyana

Filiferous leaf edges, dense clumps of 12-15″ rosettes.

Agave utahensis

Mojave native, to 18″d.; Narrow grey-green leaves, toothy margins

Agave weberi

Large rosettes to 6′; bright purple in full heat/sun. Variable

Agave weberi v. reineri

A. “Reiner’s Select”

Large rosettes to 6′; broad grey-green leaves, nearly spineless

Agave x arizonica

A. chrysantha and A. toumeyana var. bella

Grey-green agave with sharp leaves, will grow to 2ft

Agave x leopoldii

A. filifera x A. schidigera

Clusters of 18″ rosettes formed of dense clumps of filiferous leaves.