Agave attenuata

Bluish green, to 3ft tall (occasionally to 5ft.); regular water. Protect from frost. Large curved draping bloom stalk gives this its common name.

Agave attenuata “Raea’s Gold”

Wide soft leaves of a pale gold-green emerge from a tight central spear to arch gracefully back. Offsets readily. Keep protected from frost.

Agave attenuata “Variegata”

Wide blue-green recurved leaves with variegation that can be white or yellow, wide striped or narrow. Offsets readily. Keep protected from frost.

Agave bovicornuta

Toothy wide green leaves. Open rosette of wide light green leaves with distinctive red-brown marginal teeth. Medium-sized solitary Agave 3-5ft. across

Agave bracteosa

Large mounds of arching, curving leaves to 12″. Grows on rocky cliffs.

Agave colorata

Toothy rosettes 2 to 4 feet across, some offsets; Mexico

Agave deserti

Large rosettes to 36″ – protect from winter rains.

Agave ellemeetiana “Satina”

Stemless rosettes, 2 to 3ft. Soft green leaves. Can handle full sun at the coast, but needs afternoon shade inland. Protect from frost.

Agave ferdinandi-regis

A. nickelsiae

Large thick green leaves with striking white markings. Aggresive thick black terminal spines. Upright habit, to 18″.

Agave filifera

Dense clumps of stemless rosettes to 24″ w/filiferous margins

Agave franzosinii

Beautiful powdery silver-grey leaves, curving out to 8ft long, strong bend downward. Bloom stalks to 35ft tall. Generally solitary.

Agave funkiana

High altitude species. Clumping rosettes to 3ft. Leaves are dark green, long and narrow, with a light green stipe down the center and white marginal teeth. Needs fast draining soil.

Agave gentryi

Distinctive large solitary agave. Aggresive marginal teeth. Wide light-green leaves.

Agave gentryi “Jaws”

Remarkably toothy, deep green leaves with bright red marginal spines fading to brown with age. 4 to 6 feet across, but may get 8 to 10 feet according to the UC Botanic Gardens.

Agave gypsophila “Blue Wave”

2 to 3ft medium sized agave with wildly undulating blue leaves in a soft blue shade. Attractive agave for containers. Produces pups at the base.

Agave horrida

Solitary Agave with stout deep green leaves and a very symmetrical habit. The dramatically toothy leaves start with a dark red-brown edging that fades to silver as they mature. Deer resistant.

Agave isthmensis

Thick blue leaves with deep marginal lobes and reddish terminal spines.