Vriesea saundersii

Chalky green and purple leaves with a hint of blue. Great for terrariums when small.

Weberbauerocereus johnsonii

Golden spined column, slow growing, eventualy treelike to 20ft., usually branching above 6ft. White tubular flowers.

Welwitschia mirabilis

One of the wierdest tropical desert plants.
Care: Water weekly first year, do not let fully dry out. Water every 1-2 weeks thereafter. 4 hrs min. afternoon sun. Sensitive to changing light conditions. Senstivie to transplant – keep roots intact.

Whitesloanea crassa

Rare caudiciform stapeliad; dry and warm in winter. Can grow to 10″ tall. We grow them with weekly water during the hot part of the year and monthly or less in the winter.

Woodwardia fimbriata

Semi-evergreen Fern

“Our largest native fern, often encountered along creeks and mountain seeps. Rather coarsely cut, light green fronds.”

x Chiranthofremontia

Chiranthodendron pentadactylon X Fremontodendron “Pacific Sunset”
Evergreen shrub

Large, broad, showy intergenic hybrid. If provided space in a garden, this centerpiece plant will be covered in golden flowers in spring. No water once established.

Xerosicyos danguyi

Thick round leaves on a vining succulent. Leaves will die back in drought conditions. Indoor in winter. Prefers heat.

Yucca “Blue Boy”

Y. desmetiana “Blue Boy”

Lovely, purple-blue leaves make this yucca stand out in the garden. Will get a rounded shape over time as foliage arches. Large, white flowers on long stalks bloom in summer.

Yucca “Bright Edge”

Y. filamentosa “Bright Edge”

Low growing w/yellow edged leaves, tall bloom spikes with creamy white flowers

Yucca “Magenta Magic”

Y. aloifolia “Magenta Magic”

Upright, spiky leaves turn from green to purple with cooler temperatures. Dwarf yucca, good for containers. Large, white flowers on long stalks bloom in summer.

Yucca elata

Tree to 15’h.; narrow leaves; pendant blooms

Yucca elephantipes

Y. gloriosa

Fast growing tree to 30 ft. with bright green leaves, large white flowers in summer

Yucca glauca

Short trunk eventually to 6ft. h., rosette to 4ft. across; Pale bell shaped blooms.

Yucca pallida

2ft. trunkless rosettes; Can form small colonies.

Yucca rostrata

Tree to 12ft+, multiple heads, flexible blue-green leaves. Large creamy white bell shaped flowers on vigorous bloom stalks that arise from the centers of the head. Stunning centerpiece plant. Slow growing, will grow faster in areas that get more heat.

Yucca whipplei

Hesperoyucca whipplei

Tree to 20’h.; multi-branched. Frost/Heat hardy

Yucca “Color Guard”

Y. filamentosa “Color Guard”
Evergreen Succulent

Low growing w/yellow stripe down the center of the leaves, 4ft. tall bloom spikes with creamy white flowers.

Zamia furfuracea


Recommended indoor in the Bay Area. Large cardboard-like leaves on wide spreading fronds. Short trunk very slow to develop.