Sedum sieboldii “October Daphne”

Low-growing evergreen stonecrop with pink flowers. Variegated leaves with rosy edges in full sun. Sprawling stems are great for rock gardens and hanging baskets.

Sedum spathulifolium

Small rosette groundcover; Northern California native, including the East Bay Parks.

Sedum spurium

Small, low growing groundcover succulent w/yellow flowers

Sedum Sunsparkler “Blue Pearl”

Great border plant, robust clumps. Leaves are plum purple with a blue overtone. Large pink flower sprays in late summer. Attractive to butterflies; deer resistant. Semi-deciduous.

Sedum Sunsparkler “Firecracker”

Mint green leaves turn burgundy red in fall. Heat and cold tolerant. Sprawls, makes a good rock garden plant or in hanging baskets. Semi-deciduous.

Selenicereus anthonyanus

Cryptocereus anthonyanus

Epiphytic species; bright green flat stems; night-blooming red/yellow


Small to medium-sized alpine succulents. Cold hardy, but generally do not like heat.