Grasses, Perennials, Shrubs and Trees

Asclepias cancellata

Herbaceous Perennial

Upright shrub with glossy leaves and creamy whiter flowers which mature to cottony seed pods. Attracts lots of butterflies. Deer-resistant.


Asclepias curassavica

Semi-woody Perennial

Brilliant red/yellow blooms atop each stem in fall. Green leafy stems. Can be grown as an annual; collected seeds can be planted in spring.

Asclepias fascicularis

Herbaceous Perennial

Large, narrow leaves. Pinkish white flowers. Coastal Clay Soils-tolerant. Attracts Monarch Butterflies.

Asclepias fruticosus

Gomphocarpus fruticosus

Butterflies. Deer-resistant. Star-shaped flowers. Round pendant seedpods.


Asclepias physocarpa

Gomphocarpus physocarpus

Monarch butterfly host. Large, round pendant seedpods.

Asclepias speciosa

Evergreen Perennial

Large gray leaves with astounding pink flowers that give the impression of fireworks. Attracts butterflies, as well as provides them with protection from predators after feeding.

Asclepias subulata

Herbaceous Perennial

Nearly leafless stems do great with very low water in very fast draining soils. Unusual pale creamy-yellow flowers at the ends of each stem. Attracts butterflies.

Asclepias tuberosa

Herbaceous Perennial

Dies back in winter and re-sprouts from its underground tuber each spring. The brilliant orange or red flower clusters appear in midsummer followed by attractive green pods. Prefers full sun but can handle light shade.

Asplenium ebenoides

Evergreen Fern

Graceful green-stemmed fern. Bright shade preferred. Alpine shade rock gardens. Great as an easy to grow houseplant, works well in terrariums.

Asplenium trichomanes

Evergreen Fern

Pinnate fronds with roundish leaflets. Bright shade preferred. Alpine shade rock gardens. Great as a houseplant, works well in terrariums.

Astelia banksii

Evergreen Perennial

Great for containers or as a garden focal plant. Silver leaves are slightly recurved. Prefers occasional deep watering.

Aster “Wartburg Star”

Evergreen perennial

Lavender flower with yellow center, produces huge number of flowers through the summer. Easy to grow, great for cut flowers.

Aster alpigenus

Perennial Herb/Wildflower

A small violet or lavender flower perched atop unbranched stems with narrow leaves, above low grouping of last year’s leaves. Many blooms in late winter through spring.

Aster chilensis “Purple Haze”

Semi-evergreen perennial, drought deciduous

Showy deep-purple blossoms are attractive to butterflies. Grows on dry banks and grassy fields to 5000 ft. Violet flower with yellow center.

Aster frikartii “Monch”

Semi-evergreen perennial

Showy lavender blooms are attractive to butterflies and bees. Fall bloomer. Can handle clay soils.

Asteriscus maritimus

Evergreen Perennial

Compact, low growing perennial with golden-yellow daisy flowers year round. Will tolerate regular irrigation with fast draining soil.

Azadirachta indica

In tropical climates it is fast growing to over 50ft tall. Neem oil is produced from the seeds and fruit.

Small natural bonsai when grown indoor with opposing pinnate leaves.

Babiana stricta

Deciduous Bulb

Fans of sword-shaped leaves which emerge in mid-winter, spikes of blue to violet flowers emerge in the spring. Flowers and foliage die back by summer. Keep dry when dormant.

Baccharis pilularis “Pigeon Point”

Evergreen shrub

Small oval bright green leaves, low spreading branches, tiny white flowers. Very adaptable. Deer-resistant, easy to prune. Many pollinators.

Baccharis pilularis “Twin Peak”

Evergreen shrub

Small oval bright green leaves, low spreading branches, tiny white flowers. Very adaptable. Deer-resistant, easy to prune. Many pollinators.

Baccharis x “Starn Thompson”

Evergreen shrub

Mounding evergreen shrub is long-lived and can be planted in masses in native hillside gardens. Very small leaves are closely set. Inconspicuous flowers.

Baileya multiradiata

Deciduous Perennial

Abundant yellow marigold blooms. Needs good drainage and low water – great borders for cactus gardens. Deciduous silver foliage.

Banksia “Fireworks”

B. ericifolia “Fireworks”
Evergreen Shrub

A large upright shrub. Narrow heath-like leaves with silver undersides. The large autumn-colored columns of flowers are golden cones with red styles, in brilliant bloom from winter and into summer.

Banksia “Schnapper Point”

Evergreen Shrub

Dense, rounded shrub with needle-like foliage. Honey colored cone shaped flowers with a red shimmer spikes in summer and fall.

Banksia ashbyi

Evergreen Shrub

A compact upright shrub with long serrated leaves and impressive large orange flower cones. Coastal native, Mediterranean climate plant.