Grasses, Perennials, Shrubs and Trees

Anigozanthos “Gold Velvet”

Evergreen Perennial

It’s small stature fills in nicely for smaller gardens and for borders. Stunning gold blooms spring through fall.  Attractive to hummingbirds.

Anthurium “Big Bird”

Tropical Houseplant

Tropical plant with large red flower stalks and red berries. 2ft wrinkly green leaves. Lots of drama for a location with lots of light and lots of space.


Aquilegia formosa

Herbaceous Perennial

Small, delicate foliage with pendant orange and yellow flowers, from the Sierra Nevadas. Attractive to Hummingbirds. Deer-resistent, Clay-soils-tolerant. Can be deciduous in dry summers.

Arctostaphylos “Bert Johnson”

Evergreen Groundcover

Gorgeous cascading form, perfect for a rock garden. Tiny pinkish white flowers in spring attract hummingbirds. This cultivar was introduced in Berkeley at Tilden Botanical Garden.

Arctostaphylos “Big Sur”

Evergreen shrub

Low growing Manzanita with an open form displaying attractive red bark. Small, pure white bell-shaped flowers in late winter attract hummingbirds. Great for a small garden or near a walkway.

Arctostaphylos “Bright Beauty”

Evergreen shrub

Low mounding shrub, spreads wide, stays dense, with small bright grey/green leaves and white flowers in winter through spring.

Arctostaphylos “Canyon Sparkles”

A. insularis “Canyon Sparkles”
Evergreen shrub

Glossy deep green leaves offset in the winter by clusters of white flowers. Channel Islands native becomes an open upright shrub with age. Attracts hummingbirds, resists deer, tolerates clay soils.

Arctostaphylos “Carmel Sur”

A. edmundsii “Carmel Sur”
Evergreen Groundcover

Fast-growing attractive low Manzanita. Light green foliage, easy to grow in gardens. Coastal sun, inland needs some shade.

Arctostaphylos “Dr. Hurd”

Evergreen shrub

Fast growing, tree-like, upright with open canopy. Classic dark red bark. Late winter clusters of white blooms. Spring berries. Perfect focal point for a garden, or along a dry creek bed

Arctostaphylos “Emerald Carpet”

Evergreen shrub

Very compact hybrid manzanita, dense with small glossy deep green leaves that nearly hide the attractive cinnamon red stems with exfoliating bark. Small white flowers in mid-winter.

Arctostaphylos “Ghostly”

A. silvicola “Ghostly”

Evergreen shrub
Grey leaves with deep red bark. Pure white flowers. Prefers to be dry in summer, can handle lots of rain/water in winter.

Arctostaphylos “Green Supreme”

Evergreen Groundcover/Shrub

Dense, fast growing Manzanita with glossy green leaves. May produce small white flowers in mid-winter. Prefers good drainage but tolerates a wide range of soils. Very disease resistant.

Arctostaphylos “Howard McMinn”

A. densiflora “Howard McMinn”
Evergreen shrub

Large evergreen mounding shrub with clusters of small flowers, white to light pink, in winter through spring. Berries are favored by native birds. Dark red trunk.

Arctostaphylos “John Dourley”

Evergreen shrub

New growth comes in bronzy green, then fades to grey green. Small, light pink bell-shaped flowers in spring, colorful berries in fall. Drought tolerant but does well with occasional irrigation.

Arctostaphylos “Lester Rountree”

A. pajaroensis “Lester Rountree”
Evergreen shrub

Sturdy trunked small tree/shrub w/smooth, purplish bark, gray leaves & clusters of tiny, urn-shaped flowers, white flushed pink, in early spring.

Arctostaphylos “Louis Edmonds”

A. bakeri “Louis Edmonds”
Evergreen shrub

A magnificent plant, great as a focal point. Unique greyish-green leaves. Deep pink flowers turn into vibrant, bird-attracting, berries.

Arctostaphylos “Paradise”

A. pajaroensis “Paradise”
Evergreen shrub

Large clusters of flowers of a lovely shade of pink in winter. Older foliage is blue-green and the newest growth is bronze red. Should be able to tolerate some summer water.

Arctostaphylos “Pt. Reyes”

Evergreen shrub

Low growing manzanita, compact form. Grey-green leaves with a rosy tinge and pink flowers Spring into Summer. Great for hillsides.

Arctostaphylos “Rosy Dawn”

A. edmundsii “Rosy Dawn”
Evergreen shrub

Low grower, compact form. Grey-green leaves with a rosy tinge and pink flowers. Great for hillsides.

Arctostaphylos “Sentinel”

A. densiflora “Sentinel”
Evergreen shrub

Great quantities of pink and white flowers in early spring. Soft greyish leaves. Clay soil tolerant. Attracts hummingbirds and native butterflies.

Arctostaphylos “St. Helena”

Evergreen Tree

Large with red twisting trunk/branches. Small pink flowers in late winter are followed by small red berries in spring. Keep dry in summer once established.

Arctostaphylos “Sunset”

A. pajaroensis x A. hookeri
Evergreen shrub

Medium compact mounding shrub. Dense with grey-green leaves and pink flowers spring into summer.

Arctostaphylos “Tom’s Point”

Evergreen shrub

Very compact, dense plant with small glossy deep-green leaves that nearly hide the attractive red stems with exfoliating bark. Small white flowers with pink tinge early spring. Large berry red fruit.

Arctostaphylos “Vandenberg”

A. rudis “Vandenberg”
Evergreen shrub

Dense foliage forms a deep green garden backdrop, or perfect as a hedge. Clusters of small pink flowers in spring.