Notes on the Coronavirus

Cactus Jungle takes the safety of our customers and staff as most important.We are following the strictest Federal, State and local guidelines at all times. Our home deliveries will all be 1 person deliveries in our own van with a non-contact dropoff.

All our staff who wants to work has been given unlimited sick time so everyone can stay home for any reason if they need to.

We have posted signage in our stores with a full list of rules and standards.

Please stay home if your are sick – you can order online now and we’ll deliver!


Store Rules and Standards
Nobody is required to come in.

Customers: 6ft separation for us all.
Employees empowered to demand someone leave
If you have to cough or sneeze please leave immediately. Use Kleenex or the inside of your elbow always
Do not come up to Workers, do not attempt to shake their hand.
Credit card only, no cash. Cash Handling means 7 people min. will handle the bills so No Cash.
Carry out to gate only, no bringing to or in cars.
1-person non-contact deliveries through our online store or in person to our delivery zones available w/$25 min. sale.
Gel Hand Sanitizer bottles on counter for customers

Additional for Staff: follow current Posted Social Distance Protocol, wash hands always
Tape out 6ft lines at register
Use Gloves, spray with alcohol each time you touch a pot or container from a customer
One register open only
No Signatures. Pen is pulled to register only and Staff draws a line with pen and clicks the button, then sprays the pen.
Spray every basket down after every use with Bleach Solution.
Wipe down every computer and device before using every time.
Wall-mtd Hand Sanitizer is behind counters for staff, plus many spray bottles at register, office, break room, BOH
Feeling unsure or nervous or not liking this anymore? You may go home, no consequences.

Sick Time Policy During the Crisis
Working Staff now has unlimited sick time, do not come in if sick, go home if sick

Cactus Jungle will try to stay open for as many hours as possible, with the cooperation of our staff and customers, as an Essential Service because we sell fertilizers, soils, tools, vegetable starts and amendments for food crop production.

Stay safe, from Hap and Peter and the entire Cactus Jungle team.

The State of California has declared a Shelter-at-Home order, with exceptions for Essential Services and Goods.

“California Farm Bureau Federation President Jamie Johansson reports that in a conference call with the Office of Emergency Services yesterday it was emphasized that ‘anyone working in the food supply chain is allowed and should continue to show up for work.

“Agriculture has been deemed one of 16 “critical infrastructure,” said Johansson. “For the purpose of broadly defining this infrastructure, it includes but is not limited to establishments engaged in growing crops, including nurseries and garden centers…”