More Succulents in a Seashell

Since I posted earlier today about a random photo of some succulents in a seashell, I have since found out that this is a common theme. Here are some more succulents in a seashell.

Tuck a few succulents in the opening of an upturned seashell, (like the arrangement pictured at right, created by Judy Casanova of Desert Succulent Creations. (HGTV)

Thank you Judy. And then there’s

I have to admit, this one was not my idea. It was the clairvoyant inspiration of Haley over at Wichways.

Thank you Haley. Finally we have purchase options in case you don’t want to make your own.

We love how the organic forms of these ornamental seashell planters enhance the beauty of succulents

Oh, it’s just the shells you get to buy. You have to fill them yourself. What a rip.

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