More Brightly Colored Stonecrops

People seem to love them some Sedums these days. The low groundcover varieties are very popular right now, and not just in the areas where they’re cold-hardiness is more important than the mild Bay Area climate, but right here in the Bay Area, where our coastal mild climate doesn’t test the hardiness of these Sedums at all, are they also very popular.

I wonder if I got the grammar of that last run-on sentence right? I could reread it and try to fix it, but that would hurt.

Sedum Tricolor

First up is a very colorful Sedum “Tricolor”, one of the S. spurium cultivars.

Sedum Lemon Ball

Check out the tape measure for scale! It’s  Sedum “Lemon Ball”, very chartreuse, stays chartreuse, doesn’t get red in sun, although otherwise superficially similar to S. “Angelina”, one of the S. rupestre cultivars.

Run-on sentences for everyone!

Sedum hispanicum purpurea (2)

Finally we have the not very colorful right now Sedum “Purpurea” although the Sedum “Aureum” is right now the most popular of Sedums, but this one does get purple in sun, but not too much sun or they wilt. And this one is onje of the S. hispanicum cultivars.


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