Hardening Off Cactus

They have some tips for high-altitude gardening in Denver. “They” being Channel 9 News in Denver.

Plants grown in a greenhouse have yet to experience exposure to the full force of the sun’s rays. The leaves can burn even more easily than our own skin. The easiest way to get them ready for planting is to set them under a tree that’s leafing out. If the plants are meant to go into a sunny spot in your garden, gradually lengthen their time in the sun each day. This could take up to a week. It’s a bit of a bother but worth it in the long run.

Succulents and cactus grown indoors are particularly subject to sunburn. Be extra careful with them in exposing them to the sun. The scalds they suffer if you’re careless may disfigure them for months or even years. I put my collection under a shade cloth for a week or more to prevent damage.

I wonder why they don’t come up with better names for TV stations like they do with newspapers. Channel 9 News is a very dull name. Why not Channel 9 Denver Star News or Channel 17 Pacoima Globe and Press? I personally prefer the Channel 56 Bazooka News and World Report.

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