Aloe castilloniae

Cute spiny rosettes, dark burgundy colored in full sun. Orange flowers. Sprawling clusters, low to the ground.

Haworthia cooperi v. truncata

Small 3″ rosettes, round-tipped leaves, blue-green with windowed tops. They prefer very bright light, but little direct sun. Forms tight clusters.

Avonia herreana

Anacampseros herreana Tiny caudiciform, many branches covered practically solid in white “leaves”. Rare and hard to grow. Light roots, water lightly. Small yellow flowers. Keep dry in winter.

Mangave “Silver Fox”

Agave x Manfreda Hybrid, PP29642 Thick arching blue green leaves freckled with purple spots. In full sun the leaves’ waxy coating will look silver, less pronounced with part sun. Great in containers. Deer resistant.

Agave “Cherry Swizzle”

A. potatorum “Cherry Swizzle” Large, solitary rosettes, open blue leaves with stunning colorful twisty terminal spines.    

Jatropha berlandieri

Round white caudex, stems to 12″h.; flowers Feb-Nov Dormant in winter – No water

Euphorbia milii

Shrubby, height varies; large green leaves, thorny branches

Agave “Snow Glow”

Variegated cultivar of Agave “Blue Glow”. Slow growing, wide leaves. Generally solitary.    


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