Anemone coronaria

Bulb Lots of brightly colored flowers from spring into summer. Plant bulbs in fall 2-3″ deep or potted plants can be transplanted in spring. Regular water fall thru spring and while blooming.  

Cheiridopsis denticulata

Dwarf shrublet with paired leaves in the Iceplant family. Tiny little teeth-like protrusions on the tips of the leaves. Variable flower colors from pale-peach to bright yellow. May also be the same species as Cheiridopsis candidissima.

Aloinopsis rosulata

Small, jewel-like mesemb with the smoothest leaves of the Titanopsis group of the Ruschieae tribe of the Iceplants (Aizoaceae). Winter growing. Yellow flowers with red-striped petals. Will grow a thickened taproot. Prefers very rocky soils.

Lithops optica v. rubra

Rare purple mesemb. Windowed tops. Will form small clusters over time. Winter-growing, summer-dormant and very low water – can be tricky to get the watering and drainage correct.

Adromischus marianae fa. herrei

A. marianae var. immaculatus Weird lumpy succulent with small branches, slow growing. Grows in the granite hills of Little Namaqualand. Rot prone in summer and winter.

Narcissus “Tête-à-tête”

Easy to grow very popular dwarf spring bulb Daffodil with orange and yellow flowers and narrow green leaves. Indoor or Outdoor. Grows 6-8″ tall. Plant bulbs in soil in fall, or potted plants in spring. Prefers cold winters.

Grevillea “Canberra Gem”

Evergreen Shrub Rich Violet-Red flowers fall thru spring. Dense shrub with broad arching branches and needle-like leaves. A tough plant that works well in the garden. Deer-resistant. Do not fertilize, do not overwater.

Pilea peperomioides

Round-leafed plant, many leaves off each stem. Can be grown from divisions.

Haworthia splendens

H. magnifica v. splendens Slow growing, generally solitary. Greyish leaves with a bronze-rose hue in more sun. Will grow flush with the soil in habitat and forms large tuberous roots.

Tokidoki “Year of the Pig”

Celebrate 2019 with the 12th year of the Chinese Zodiac Calendar cycle with the Tokidoki Year of the Pig Vinyl Figure! Available now at Cactus Jungle, Berkeley and Cactus Jungle, Marin This is not a toy. This is collectible art.

Stephania venosa

Moderate sized caudiciform, 10-15″ across, with broad green leafy vines and blood red sap. Small orange flower sprays. Donut-shaped seeds are called Moon Seeds. Low water, but rich soils.

Echinopsis sanguiniflora

Lobivia sanguiniflora Small clumping stems to 6″. Blood-red flowers. Thickened taproot, plant in deep pots.

Mangave “Mission to Mars”

Agave x Manfreda Hybrid Light green leaves with an impressive amount of heavy burgundy spotting. Solitary rosette is great for containers and makes a striking small scale focal point. Deer resistant.

Cremnosedum “Crocodile”

Cremnophila nutans x Sedum furfuraceum Fat round leaves, dark green to brownish in full sun. Scaly stems appear when they grow taller.

Graptoveria “Opalina”

Graptopetalum amethystinum x Echeveria colorata Large thick rosy-edged ivory leaves. Rosettes get 6″ across and offsets are tight to the parent. Yellow flowers.

Scilla peruviana

Deciduous Bulb Summer dormant bulb in the Hyacinth family, in fall develops a compact rosette of 18″ long leaves. In spring, forms 6″-12″ tall flower stalks densely topped with numerous small lavendar flowers.

x Chiranthofremontia

Chiranthodendron pentadactylon X Fremontodendron “Pacific Sunset” Evergreen shrub Large, broad, showy intergenic hybrid. If provided space in a garden, this centerpiece plant will be covered in golden flowers in spring. No water once established.

Anigozanthos “Amber Velvet”

Evergreen Perennial Its small stature fills in nicely for smaller gardens and for borders. Deep red blooms turn orange and open to yellow spring through fall. Attractive to hummingbirds.

Titanopsis calcarea

Small clumper forms dense mats of thick open leaves. Winter-growing, keep dry in summer. Grows in limestone strewn areas.  

Senecio serpens

S. repens, Kleinia repens Thick blue tubular leaves, branches from base. Will spread quickly along the ground. Small white puffball compound flowers. Asteraceae, Daisy Family.

Sempervivum “Ruby Heart”

Small colorful rosettes form large clusters. Reddish centers with green leaves. Light shade inland and in hot areas.

Haworthia limifolia

Haworthiopsis limifolia Tight rosettes to 6″ with spiraling leaves. White/grey flowers.

Euphorbia aeruginosa

Red spines, wildly branching green-blue narrow pencil-like stems, to 24″ tall. Sulfur yellow flowers.


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