Tephrocactus geometricus

Tephrocactus alexanderi ssp. geometricus Stunning globular stems stacked up, will break off and roll with few recumbent spines. Ivory white flowers. Very arid, can handle extreme desert and blazing hot direct sun.

Gymnocalycium “Rainbow”

G. mihanovichii “Rainbow” Rare cultivar with lots of color variation, including reds and yellows, in the stems. Small flowering barrel to 4″d. Grows in dry savannah.

Euphorbia croizatii

E. xanthadenia Shrubby spurge with spiny stems, crinkled green leaves. Large peach-colored flowers. Keep dry in winter.

Protea “Claire”

Evergreen Shrub Upright shrub with soft green leaves. Large silky pink flowers, similar to “Pink Ice” but without the white edges. Needs very good drainage. Do not fertilize, except trace minerals. Spectactular but short-lived.

Mangave “Desert Dragon”

Agave x Manfreda Hybrid PP31311 Dark purple-burgundy leaves with green spotting; narrow with wavy edges and small, gentle marginal teeth. Solitary rosette is great for containers and makes a striking small scale focal point. Deer resistant.

Pothos “Golden”

Epipremnum aureum “Golden” Vining houseplant can be trained up, trellised. Stunning glossy green and gold variegated leaves. Tropical Houseplant can handle a variety of indoor light conditions, bright indirect is best. Fast draining soil, moderate water, some humidity.

Haworthia cooperi “OB1”

Small rosettes, round-tipped leaves, striking blue color with dark markings and rounded windowed tops. They prefer very bright light, but little direct sun. Forms tight clusters.

Agave “White Rhino”

Agave victoria-reginae “Albomarginata” Small with intense white-striped variegated leaves, compact 12″ rosettes; slow growing.

Echeveria “Cubic Frost”

PP27,527 Thickened blue succulent leaves with a mid-leaf fold turn bright pink in full sun. Pink flowers. Great in rock gardens. 10″ rosettes.

Trachyandra tortilis

Small plant from Namaqualand (S. Africa) that grows to have stunning wavy leaves that grow wider each year, will form ribbon like thick wavy leaves in a few years. Winter grower with a summer dormancy. Summer – when leaves drop, let the pots dry out completely, only giving it a very small amount of water… Read more »

Whitesloanea crassa

Rare caudiciform stapeliad; dry and warm in winter. Can grow to 10″ tall. We grow them with weekly water during the hot part of the year and monthly or less in the winter.

Succulent Wreath

These are all individually handmade wreaths. Available now for pickup or delivery. Order Online Call for information (510) 558-8650

Parodia magnifica

6″ dia. stems can get over 12″ tall, with many offsets. Stunning yellow flowers. Thin brownish-yellow spines age to grey/white.

Dorstenia gigas

Large 2ft. caudex. Grows on cliffs, rare. Prefers to be a little more moist in Winter

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