Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

Great Houseplant that will stay compact, can trail down from a hanging planter. Deeply lobed green leaves. Water weekly, but occasional misting to help prevent browning leaves.

Sansevieria patens

Thick spear-shaped ribbed green leaves. A compact snake plant makes a great low water houseplant, moderate to bright light. Underground 1″ rhizomes.

Agave “White Rhino”

Agave victoria-reginae “Albomarginata” Small with intense white-striped variegated leaves, compact 12″ rosettes; slow growing.

Eriosyce cachytayensis

Small black barrel with long black spines; tuberous root. Unknown origins, may be a hybrid or subspecies of Eriosyce taltalensis. Keep dry in winter.

Aloe “White Fox”

A. rauhii “White Fox” Small spotted aloe with stemless rosettes, green-spotted white leaves with pink edges in full sun, to 6″ across.    

Sansevieria “Boncel”

S. cylindrica v. patula “Boncel” Tight fans of thick spear-shaped green and white leaves. A compact snake plant makes a great low water houseplant, moderate to bright light.

Agave “Desert Diamond”

PP26384 A. potatorum “Desert Diamond” Dwarf variegated agave with white markings and prominent red terminal spines. Stays small, few pups, to 18″ across. Slower growing, more vibrant and wider leaves than its parent plant, “Kichiokan Marginata”

Mangave “Pineapple Express”

Agave x Manfreda hybrid, PP28613 Deep green waxy leaves with dark purple spotting makes this plant pop! More upright than other Mangave varieties, this plant makes a big statement in small areas. Pups over time. Deer resistant.

Espostoa guentheri

Vertical columns, whitish to yellow spines, to 8ft tall. When mature will form a reddish cephalium with cream colored flowers.

Sedum lucidum

Round fat leaves in compact rosettes on short stems. Red edged in sun. White flowers with red centers. Will grow along the ground, scrambling over rocks, trailing over walls and rooting as it goes.

Cereus fa. monstrose “Ming Thing”

C. validus fa. monstrose “Ming Thing” A blue cactus with short and lumpy monstrose growth, to 12″ tall. Do not overwater, it is slow growing and likes to be dry.

Agave ferdinandi-regis

A. nickelsiae Large thick green leaves with striking white markings. Aggresive thick black terminal spines. Upright habit, to 18″.

Boophone haemanthoides

Boophane haemanthoides Winter-growing geophytic bulb to 20″. Large strappy green leaves with wavy edges. Amaryllis family. New leaves appear in fall and die back in spring. Summer dormant.

Sedeveria “Hummelii”

Sedum x Echeveria Small blue rosettes with red-tipped oblong leaves and sprays of yellow flowers.

Peperomia columella

Small columns of densely packed window-edged green leaves. Snake-like flower shoots grow from the tops of the columnar stems.

Parodia chrysacanthion

Small white Ball Cactus with yellow flowers. Can handle frost but only if perfectly dry.

Matucana madisoniorum

Stems flattened globose to 6″. Thought to be ethnobotanical. Orange-red funnel-shaped flowers. Endangered in habitat. Sometimes spineless.

Crassula “Springtime”

C. rupestris “Springtime” Thick-leaved cultivar to 12″ with pink flower sprays in late winter/early spring.


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