New hybrid, Aeonium “Starburst” with parent plant “Sunburst”

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Artichoke as Metaphor

Obregonia denegrii looks enough like an artichoke that some people call it the Artichoke Cactus, not to be confused with Agave parryi truncata which is known as the Artichoke Agave. Maybe instead of comparing unrelated plants to artichokes, we should call the delicious and valuable artichoke the Pulque Vegetable.

Rusty Sedums

Sedum “Firecracker” turns rusty red colors in the fall, any day now!

Crassula “Sunset”

Crassula ovata “Sunset” have had a bit of a rough month with the recent heat, but this one looks good!

Aeoniums San Francisco

Collection of street Aeoniums starting to bloom for summer, 39th St, Outer Richmond, San Francisco

Mixed Succulents

It’s cute, because it’s small, but it’s packed full of small succulents too! Small succulents? How cute! 😀

Mixed Succulents

The mixed succulent pots are shining in the morning light after the overnight rains! We like it.


It’s not a starfish, not at all. It’s an aloe! Aloe castilloniae (can someone check my spelling, please?)

Tiny Globules

Tiny globular leaves and then, surprise! tiny pink flowers!

Tylecodon schaeferianus

Agave ocahui

Agave ocahui are astonishing, with a very vigorous terminal spine just
hanging out there. That red on the tips is painted on. I used the latest
in plant paint technology to individually get right up close to the
most dangerous spines around and very delicately hand paint just the
spines with no drips at all anywhere. So vibrant! You can wipe that
color off if you like, it just takes a little spit polish. Or wait for
the rains and the paint is actually made from succulent fertilizer so it
will run off into the ground and provide a really great fertilizer for
you this coming winter! This is what I do for you.

But just this one
plant. Not any of the others. If you want this one painted agave ask for
it at the store, and hopefully nobody has already bought it. It’s in
the back, so you’ll have to ask. I only told Jeremiah and Kel where it
is so you’ll have to ask for them. They know.

Black Spined Agave

Agave “Pablo’s Choice” has a certain fresh blue leaf color.

A. macroacantha “Pablo’s Choice”

1 to 2ft. blue-grey Agave, compact and low. Large black terminal spines, recurved marginal spines. Full sun at the coast. Will form dense clusters that can spread 3 to 5 feet wide. Cultivar originated near Santa Barbara. Plant in fast-draining soil, grows fast with summer water.

Works well in gardens or in containers.

Temperature: Hardy to 25F

Cape Aloe

Aloe ferox

South Africa

Single large toothy rosette on tall stalk, outdoor up to 8ft.

Hardy to 20-25F

Full Sun to Part Sun

Low Water


Echeveria “Lola”

Pointy, shapely leaves. Waxy 6″ rosettes rosy-purple tinged in full sun.

Hardy to 25F

Full Sun to Part Sun

Low Water


Euphorbia aureoviridiflora with wide spreading leaves, thick green succulent leaves.


Stocky trunk, green turning grey-brown with age. Prominent leaf scars. Freely branching. Yellow-green bracts. Rocky soils.

Possibly hardy to 35F

Part Sun to Part Shade


At the Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden, Berkeley

Interesting Framing

Aloe ferox at the Cactus Jungle on a sunny day.

It’s all good.

Common Name: Cape Aloe

Single large toothy rosette on tall stalk, outdoor up to 8ft.

Hardy to 20-25F

Full Sun to Part Sun

Black Rose

Aeonium “Schwartzkopf” is a classic, selling well at the nursery every year, forever. It is beautiful, it is tall and lanky, it is a large rosette this time of year as winter moves in. Nice!

Umbrella Flower

Ceropegia sandersonii has giant umbrealla, or parachute-like flowers! Very unusual vining Stapeliad.

Common Name: Parachute Plant, Umbrella Flower
Origin: Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland
Description: Vining Stapeliad with massive unusual parachute-like flowers.

Hardy to 45F
Part Sun
Low Water

Crassula “Buddha’s Temple”

People ask if we have Crassula “Buddha’s Temple” available and for a number of years we’ve had to say “no”. Until now. We finally have a real crop ready, to size and on the floor and ready for sale. Nice! Hopefully we will be able to keep these growing on for years to come so that anytime anyone anywhere (Berkeley, Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area) wants one we will have it available. Now and forever.


Crassula “Buddha’s Temple”

Miniature square-shaped vertical stems to 8″, drops bottom leaves

Hardy to 25F
Part Sun to Part Shade
Low Water

Los Angeles Area Cactus Show 

Were you wondering what to do next weekend? Are you going to be in Encino next weekend? You are in luck!

If your garden yearns for crazy, colorful, drought-hearty plants, the Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society aims to satisfy at its first Fall Sale Sept. 16 in Encino.

A variety of cacti and succulents are up for sale. (Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times)

I say, “Woot!”

Million Hearts

Tiny little pinkish-white flowers appear all along the vines of this epiphitic jungle succulent.

Dischidia ruscifolia
Common Name: Million Hearts
Origin: Philippines

Vining epiphyte; good for hanging baskets, or terrariums.

Hardy to 40F
Part Sun
Jungle Cactus/Orchid Blend
Low Water

October 2023

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