Monkey Plant

It’s the monkey plant, and it makes me want to sing a song.


Ruellia makoyana

The Monkey Plant Song

I long for the days of the monkey plant days
When the evenings are cooler than the days!

Oh I wish to belong in the monkey plant days
‘Cause my monkey plants love to play! All day!

In the monkey plant days there are gumdrops galore
And in monkey plant days there are no more chores

(All together now!)
Oh I wish to belong in the monkey plant days
‘Cause my monkey plants love to play! All day!

Do you have any verses to add to that?

Saturday Poetry Blogging

Yay! I hope you enjoy.

Cactus mean
time satisfies

Summer days
go fastly by

Black ink
on my fingers

Just like
Mom used to make

Nantucket Likes Succulents Too

First, it’s all about growing your own veggies this year, as we’ve found out at the nursery.

Many Nantucketers can’t wait to start planning their garden even this early in the season…. “We anticipate vegetable gardening to be very popular this year…” said Hilary Newell of Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm. “People are staying home and trying to grow their own stuff.

Very good. But it’s a bit early for most vegetables off the cold New England Coast.

Succulents are increasing in popularity, she said. They are thick, vibrant and gummy and almost look unreal, which is fitting given how little watering and care they require, Slosek said.

If you’re feeling optimistic about a hot summer, you could set your sights on planting a melon.

Personally, I find all this talk about Nantucket makes me want to share a limerick. Yay! Join me after the break for what promises to be a really bad thing… Read More…



Haworthia outeniquensis

That’s quite a name there.

Here, have some poetry:

While walking along the Western Cape
in South Africa attempting escape
a gardener did flee
from the succulents he’d see
cause the plants had a scarier shape

Garden Outlaws Rule the World

Gardening as an act of revolution? Believe it. Rogue planters push the law to sow the city.


Guerilla gardener “Scott” stops for a minute to lo(o)k over his median garden along Loynes Drive in Long Beach May 13, 2008. Scott has been tending the median garden since the 1990’s, planting succulents from his own home garden.

Some may ask if I approve of this outrageous and illegal and highly dangerous activity.

I do approve. Here, I wrote a poem about it:

Gardens appear
plantings in medians
trees in abandoned lots
making fresh air

Poetry, of a Sort

There once was a cactus named Jimmy
And a coyote known only as Timmy
Together they wandered
the desert and pondered
The possibility of rhyming their names.

POETRY! (It must be the Holidays!)

There once was a cold spell in California
That frosted the cacti we sold ya’
The rain fell all day
the clouds wouldn’t go away
Until cactusblog wrote poetry in the morn’ ya’.

A Little Bit of Limericking

I feel a limerick coming on, so you may want to back away from the computer as quickly as you can.

A girl with a hat on her head
Was sitting in the middle of a cactus bed
She was wrapping a present
The garden was pleasant
So the garden gnome being wrapped she did wed.

I warned you.

Here’s a wedding picture for posterity:

Succulents for European Intellectuals

It’s a seminar in Spain.

The Environment Department in Alhaurin el Grande, in conjunction with the association ‘Free to Live’ (Libres para Vivir) and ACYSA, held a seminar recently about succulent plants… which took place in the local Casa de la Cultura.

Now you know. Now what will you do with this knowledge? Will you use it for good, or will you use it to make fun of those crazy Spaniards? I think we should turn this into a limerick contest. I’ll start:

A Spanish group once held a seminar
To study the future of plants afar
They poked at a cactus
Got poisoned and whacked us
So the group ended up drunk in a bar.

Bad Cactus Limerick

This is your final warning. Do not read any further.

A cactus was travelling one year
Along the Western frontier
It came out in the news
that the cactus was nude
Cause the reporter got pricked on the rear.

Today I Write Another Garden Limerick

You’re in luck! 

There once was a lad with a cactus
On which he could waltz with some practice
He was waltzing one day
while his girl was away
When the cactus did practice spiny tactics

Well, maybe you weren’t in luck after all. Sorry about that.

Gardening is Like Poetry…

Or garden-blogging is like digging with a spade. Or something. Anyway, here’s a limerick for you:

There once was a girl name of Dotto
She planted a cactus named Noto
While watering one day
A bloom came her way
And also she won the State Lotto!

Another girl had a different experience:

There once was a girl name of Dottie
She planted a cactus very naughty
Her Mom looked away
Shocked in her own way
Cause the cactus was so very bawdy!

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