Yarrow in Red and Yellow


Achillea “Red Velvet”

North America; Cultivated variety
Herbaceous Perennial

Sun: Full Sun
Water: Low
Size: Low, blooms to 3 feet

Green gray foliage. Flowers summer thru fall. Often used for cut or dried flowers. Attracts butterflies and birds. Hardy to below 0F.


Achillea “Moonshine”

Cultivated variety, including a California Native species
Herbaceous Perennial

Sun: Full Sun
Water: Low to Moderate
Size: Fern-like foliage to 36″

Yellow bloom sprays in Spring through Summer that fade as they age. Often used for cut or dried flowers. Attracts butterflies and birds. Hardy to below 0F.



This marigold is called “Bolero”. We have them in the Organic Veggie Start section of the nursery so that you can plant them in among your vegatables. They’re beneficial! (as well as pretty). Wow! That’s a long list of benefits!

Ladybug Friday


Sure, it’s a ladybug. Even if the spots are faint. But can you name the plant it’s on just from the portion of the leaf you can see?


Bonus Liverwort picture! For a happy weekend! Enjoy!

Spurge on 4th Street


4th Street, Berkeley
So many Euphorbias, but I would guess this is a E. characias hybrid.

Berkeley Gardens

9th Street, Berkeley
Non-succulent edition.


Oxalis “Coppertones” in a lovely brick planter. Oh, Berkeley, you are so lovely.


Unknown shrub: Pretty flower.

Agave and Barrel

Hap lays it out for a customer on our new clean beautiful new sidewalk.

agave blue glow

Agave “Blue Glow” and Echinocactus grusonii

I hope the residue from the blue tape comes off….

Berkeley Gardens

Ron and Doris are growing a stapeliad outside, and successfully, too! Semi-hardy in the Bay Area, it’s planted under the protection of a larger cactus.

Caralluma piaranthoides

These are some of the prettiest of the carrion flowers, and not too smelly especially when they are successfully blooming outside in the garden. You might find some beetles come find these flowers, but everyone loves them some beetles. And more blooms coming!

And here’s a bonus Echinopsis fruit from their garden. If those seeds drop….


Berkeley Gardens

This is actually our own front bed with a Sunflower in late bloom, along with some Opuntia and Crassula (Prickly Pear and Jade).

Cactus Patch

Lise sends along a picture of her cactus garden in bloom. It’s hard to tell from the small photo, but it appears she has both Cereus peruvianus and Echinopsis pachanoi.

They both have the same giant white flowers, but the Cereus is a night bloomer, with the blooms only lasting the one night, and is pollinated by flies. Whereas the Echinopsis is a San Pedro cactus and the bees love those during the warm daylight hours.

Berkeley Succulent Garden

Ashby Avenue

Some really nice specimens in this garden. Well tended, too.

Too many different species for me to go about naming them for you, so you’re on your own.


Monkeyflowers are some very productive N. California Native bloomers, as you can see right here.

8th Street, Berkeley. I’m guessing Mimulus “Eleanor” though possibly it’s M. “Jelly Bean Gold”

As you can see we also have a lot of very nice blooming Monkeyflowers at the nursery right now too.


That’s just perfect for the Bay Area. Who doesn’t want to walk out with some Monkeyflowers under their arms as they walk down 4th Street to get themselves a nice mocha at Peets.

Artichoke Tree

There’s an artichoke in our neighborhood that’s growing into a tree. They’ve been pruning it up and now it has a trunk and everything. The flower heads are small since this plant has been in the ground for a number of years. I wouldn’t try to eat them.

10th Street, Berkeley


My Solanum quitoense is fruiting. Very delicious juicing fruit, but the hairy outside of the fruit is difficult. Is it worth it?


Bamboo Install

Back to plants! Ian took this photo of a bamboo install this morning.

Hap took Mike and Ian and it looks like they got very busy. Whew! Glad that wasn’t me. I know they were glad it wasn’t raining as scheduled.

I wonder what program on his phone Ian used to get that photo. Shall we guess?



It looks like the radish seeds have sprouted cotyledons already. That didn’t take long.

Oh, five days.

Since this is a picture of my own backyard vegetable garden I’ve obscured any potential personal details, like showing you the mess back there. No showing the mess!

French Marigold

Our first marigolds of the year are called Bolaro.


Remember to always plant marigolds with your organic vegetable garden. They attract beneficial insects, and bloom all summer long.

Sunshine Conebush

I think this one was also on 8th Street in Berkeley, or thereabouts. I could do another contest to name it, couldn’t I? But this one isn’t very difficult. Just do a search for variegated leucadendron and this is the first one to pop up.

By the way, I now use duckduckgo as my primary search engine, so I no longer get to joke about the googling. Now I get to joke about the ducklings.

Anyway, Leucadendron ‘Jester’ (Leucadendron salignum x L. laureolum) it is!

We don’t carry the variegated Leucadendrons at the nursery because Hap doesn’t like them, so you’ll have to go walk the streets of Berkeley finding them in people’s yards to get your variegated leucadendron fix.

Winter Solstice Blooms 2

The butterflies may not be out in force this time of year, but the Butterfly Milkweeds are.


Asclepias “Silky Gold”

Crested Spurge

Rikki noticed that we have a crested Euphorbia characias right up the street from us.


She’s been noticing strange plants like this ever since she started working at the Jungle.

Do you think we should ask the building owner’s if we can take a cutting and propagate it ourselves?

June 2023

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