Giant Cone Bush

Derby Street

Leucadendron species, maybe L. “Wilson’s Wonder”. That is enormous, growing up the side of the house like that. I’ve never seen it that big. Yay!

Handmade Homemade Bamboo Planters

Available in Berkeley!

My husband built two handsome and modern bamboo planters to stage our yard when we put our Berkeley home on the market. They do not work in our new yard so we are selling them and wondered if you or anyone you know might be interested in buying them? The pots have never been used, other than for staging, and are:

  • Handcrafted from Redwood that was sealed for exterior usage.
  • Built with weather resistant, galvanized metal
  • Designed for self-watering
  • Lined with Pond Liner
  • Built for bamboo but can also be used to plant vegetables, flowers or other plants
  • Larger pot is: 115″ x 31 1/2″; 31 1/2 ” high
  • Smaller pot is: 62″ x 31 1/2

Please see a photo attached.

bamboo planter

Thank you!


We don’t know anyone for those, but maybe you do our there in blog-landia. Let us know if you do!

Ladybug Friday


Sure, it’s a ladybug. Even if the spots are faint. But can you name the plant it’s on just from the portion of the leaf you can see?


Bonus Liverwort picture! For a happy weekend! Enjoy!

Lavender Yarrow

We seem to be on a blooming perennials and shrubs kick this week. Must be the weather.

Achillea Lavender Beauty

Achillea “Lavender Beauty”
Lavender Yarrow

German Hybrid; Native to Eurasia and North America
Herbaceous Perennial

Sun: Full Sun
Water: Low to Moderate
Size: Shrub to 3 feet

Lavender colored flowers. Attracts butterflies. Remove spent flowers for a late fall rebloom. Cut flowers last a long time, look great dried. Hardy to below 0°F.

Laying the Groundwork



Keith lays the groundwork. I see landscape fabric and piping. Nice start!

It looks like Keith has picked up a pipe and is tooting his own horn.

Louisiana Iris


Iris hexagona. Being a water plant we don’t carry it at our drought-tolerant cactus and succulents nursery. Yet. But maybe someday.



This marigold is called “Bolero”. We have them in the Organic Veggie Start section of the nursery so that you can plant them in among your vegatables. They’re beneficial! (as well as pretty). Wow! That’s a long list of benefits!


Monkeyflowers are some very productive N. California Native bloomers, as you can see right here.

8th Street, Berkeley. I’m guessing Mimulus “Eleanor” though possibly it’s M. “Jelly Bean Gold”

As you can see we also have a lot of very nice blooming Monkeyflowers at the nursery right now too.


That’s just perfect for the Bay Area. Who doesn’t want to walk out with some Monkeyflowers under their arms as they walk down 4th Street to get themselves a nice mocha at Peets.


My Solanum quitoense is fruiting. Very delicious juicing fruit, but the hairy outside of the fruit is difficult. Is it worth it?


Pincushion Protea, Berkeley 

Leucospermum “Scarlet Ribbons” 
Common Name: Nodding Pincushion

Origin: South Africa

Description: Evergreen Shrub

Medium sized shrub with serrated leaves and red tips. Gorgeous multicolored pincushion flowers in yellow, orange, pink, and scarlet. Tolerates a wider range of soils than most Leucospermums.

Temperature: Hardy to 25-30F

Sun: Full Sun
Water: Low
Size: 5ft

Puya Done



Puya Raimundii at UC Botanical Garden is starting to list, indicating the end is near. The Chronicle/Sam Whiting

The Puya Raimondii that bloomed mysteriously last summer after a 24-year wait at the UC Botanical Garden, is showing signs of fatigue six months later… The blooms that came up last summer were tiny and white on a bud that was 15 feet high.

It was a spectacular show while it lasted. Buh Bye!



It looks like the radish seeds have sprouted cotyledons already. That didn’t take long.

Oh, five days.

Since this is a picture of my own backyard vegetable garden I’ve obscured any potential personal details, like showing you the mess back there. No showing the mess!

Spring comes Early!


New growth on the Opuntia basilaris v caudata in January means this drought has gone on long enough.

Spurge on 4th Street


4th Street, Berkeley
So many Euphorbias, but I would guess this is a E. characias hybrid.

Succulent Gardens throughout the Bay Area

Just kidding! The Bay Area stops at the Berkeley border for my Berkeley Succulent posts.

crassula stannage ave

Stannage Ave., Berkeley

Crassula tetragona is the Pine Tree Succulent. And here we have a nice grove of them with a ground cover of oxalis.

Succulents Berkeley


Page Street, Berkeley

Cotyledon orbiculata in full bloom. Now that’s a nicely shaped shrubby and chalky succulent, just like your mother used to make.

And in case you don’t also follow me on instagram, here’s the instagrammed and filtered version that appeared there.


Which do you like better?

Succulents for Everyone!

agave and penstemon stannage ave

Stannage Ave., Berkeley

A nice garden with Agave attenuata and a red-flowering Penstemon. Nice mounds.

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