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They Get Questions that are answerable with the application of a good dose of California Natives. The San Luis Obispo County Master Gardener tells all:

Q: I want to cut down on water usage, and I’m thinking of getting rid of my lawn. What can I plant instead of grass?

– Sally Somers, Los Osos

A: Many gardeners dislike the amount of labor and water that a lawn requires. However, they may hesitate to get rid of turf grass because they picture the alternative as a yard full of pebbles studded with cactus. While cacti and succulents can be attractive, we have many other good-looking, drought-resistant substitutes for grass on the Central Coast….

Low growing forms of yarrow, rock rose, and (native) ceanothus are also good choices. Most of these flower seasonally. An unusual possibility might be a native bunchgrass meadow studded with California wildflowers. Another alternative could be a well-mulched grove of native trees or shrubs such as manzanita.

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