Cactus Peephole

I’m not sure what to make of this fascinating object from Amazon. It’s a peephole with a painted cactus surround. I don’t know if the cactus goes on the inside of the door or the outside. I wonder who this is intended for.

I wonder why the peephole is located at that point on the cactus and not another.

I wonder how it’s attached to the door.

I wonder whether anyone who has bought this object bought it for themselves and not as a gag gift.

I wonder if anyone who has received one as a gag gift has installed it on their door.

I wonder if anyone who has installed it on their door has ever peeped through the cactus peephole in their door.

They do say it’s…

  • Designed with attention to detail
  • Includes mounting instructions

Good to know.

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