Cactus Garden

The Cactus Garden Mobile Home Park in Tucson is quite lovely in these photos they have on their website. A nice deserty experience.

I wonder why they’re in the news recently?

Police say they seized more than 100 grams of cocaine on Wednesday night… at a residence in the Cactus Garden Trailer Court. The cocaine had a street value of more than $10,000…

Some $6,500 in cash was also seized


Well, are there other pretty pictures? Yes, why yes there are.

[Late Update from the Editor: We apologize for any misunderstandings from this post. The cocaine bust was from an entirely different trailer park. In an entirely different state. This was not from Tucson, Arizona, but from Powell, MN. Sorry for the confusion.]

[2nd Late (Later?) Update from the Editor: Once AGAIN I must apologize. The cocaine story was not from Minnesota at all. It was from Wyoming. There, that should set the record straight. Are we OK now?]

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