Cactus Blooms in Texas Herald Spring

Dina Arevalo | Valley Morning Star

Vibrant spots of color amid the brush-lined paths of Hugh Ramsey Nature Park in Harlingen — seen Monday, March 19, 2012 — herald the arrival of spring. The spots are mostly lemon yellow against the verdant backdrop, but in hidden corners the rare prickly pear cactus displays bright red blossoms with fiery hints of orange and pink seemingly set ablaze in the glow of afternoon sunlight.

Those are some gorgeous colors there in that there cactus bloom prickly pear flower. I’m impressed and I see a lot of prickly pear cactus flower bloom inflorescences. I wonder where this Harlingen, Texas is? Let’s us all go and visit since it’s cold and rainy here and it’s partly sunny and 90 right now in Harlingen, Texas. Although they do have the chance of thunderstorms tonight, so let’s not stay too long.

Yucca getting ready to bloom in Harlingen, Texas.

Aloe blooms at sunset in Harlingen, Texas.

Flooding in Harlingen, Texas.

And my favorite from the City of Harlingen’s own website:

Harlingen Thicket
Amenities: 40-acre tract of native brush in the city center, restrooms, parking, and extensive trails.

That’s a mighty fine stand of cactus.

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