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Leuchtenbergia principis really throws that whole artichoke discussion out the window. This one is the Agave Cactus. The Cactus Agave? The Artichoke Agave Cactus? I can’t keep it all straight anymore. These are small right now, but will grow big and fat. Like an articho…  agav… …like a cactus.

Artichoke as Metaphor

Obregonia denegrii looks enough like an artichoke that some people call it the Artichoke Cactus, not to be confused with Agave parryi truncata which is known as the Artichoke Agave. Maybe instead of comparing unrelated plants to artichokes, we should call the delicious and valuable artichoke the Pulque Vegetable.

Rusty Sedums

Sedum “Firecracker” turns rusty red colors in the fall, any day now!

Red Echeveria

Echeveria “Red Baron” was only available at our Marin store. But now it’s in Berkeley too! Buy now for local delivery? Yes!

Crassula “Sunset”

Crassula ovata “Sunset” have had a bit of a rough month with the recent heat, but this one looks good!

Red Succulent Questions

Hello While visiting Santa Barbara Mission I came across this plant. Questions Is it an agave? Is it always red or only because it’s outside and in direct sun ? Or Is it red due to maturity? Inquisitive minds want to know Thanks Emma

We Get Questions

Not sure where this question comes to us from, but the signs outside the window may provide a clue. hey there, i just bought a thin tall cactus that i really wanna take good care of but none of the apps or interent helped me out in identifying it- Any reccomendations would be lovely, thanks… Read more »

Aeoniums San Francisco

Collection of street Aeoniums starting to bloom for summer, 39th St, Outer Richmond, San Francisco

Black Spot on my Cactus

Hi Cactus Jungle, May I ask, do you know why this cactus body is become black spot? I just bought my plant last week. Yesterday I clean the brown patch (dead scale) from the cactus body.. However, the spot that I clean become black spot.. Today I tried to clean that again and scratch &… Read more »

We Get Euphorbia Questions

Good evening I have heard what I think is a Euphorbia ingenes for around three years now and it’s always been a healthy plant with lots of growth however we moved house in October and it has been in my hallway to the right of my glass front door it always has in direct sunlight… Read more »

Agaves and Cruise Ships

It’s the Agave attenuatas and the cruise ship terminal and the cruise ship along the Embarcadero in SF!

We Get Emails from Nederlands

The Euphorbia antisyphilitica photos on your site from the Growing place are nice. But I grow the plant in Holland, without growing place and was looking were he grow.. now I know Texas and Mexico So I came on your site..[The photos you can put in iff you want,] Becose this plants have Male and… Read more »

Heritage Plant Question

Hi, I have a Christmas Cactus, (pink flowering, 18″ long ‘paddle’ leaves), that is said to be from a cutting in Kansas, ca. 1865. Is there a possibility it is a rare, unknown or presumed ‘extinct’ variety!!!??? Do you know of any experts, collectors or breeders that might like a sample to check it’s DNA… Read more »

Uncovered while weeding!

We get emails: Uncovered while weeding! RoseAnn Note: It’s a Cleistocactus straussii poking up, and yes that’s a lot of weeds…  

Repotting a Cactus

Hi there, I don’t know if you can help me, but I need some advice on cactus care so I figured I’d give it a shot. I inherited this big girl (she is about 3.5 feet high) when a friend of mine abruptly left town. I was advised by a plant ID group that this… Read more »

Is My Cactus Still Alive?

Hello, I’m seeking help for my cactus, and I don’t know who to talk to. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it looks like my cactus is deteriorating. The base of the cactus turned brown and the brown color is creeping up each branch. Even worse, the branches are cracking and look like they’re… Read more »


It’s underway at our San Anselmo store! Rev insta @4revever is the artist. Nice!

Succulent Cake

Wow! Can’t remember if we shared our daughter’s baking project Evelyn

Beware the Venus Fly Traps

Dionaeas doing their thing! The Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is already a fascinating enough plant, but scientists have discovered something else amazing about it: It generates measurable magnetic fields as its leaves snap shut.

Capsule Cactus

Hello, i have recently bought a cactus keychain and i am unsure how to look after it. I’ve attached a picture of it. Could you please inform me what the type of cactus it is so i can look into it further. Also, if possible would you be able to provide some advice on the… Read more »

Cactus Leaves

Cactus leaves, they’re real! Tubular on the opuntiods. This one is Austrocylindropuntia subulata Monstrose. Myrtillocactus cresting in back.

Taking Euphorbia Cuts

Hello. Our Euphorbia has a top part that has grown quite large and the stalk will not be able to support it much longer. it is already leaning a lot (this photo is a few months old and it has gotten larger). Is it possible to cut the top part off and plant it? How… Read more »

70+ Years From Now

Dear team, I would like to plant three Dasylirion Wheeleri in my garden. However, could you comment on their lifespan? can they live longer than 70 years? Thank you, Matt Dasylirion are long lived, will grow a trunk and all, but I do not know if they live 70+ years – you can check with… Read more »

We Get Golden Barrel Questions

Hello, I came across your web site and saw that you answer questions, so I thought I would try sending one. My friend gave me a large golden barrel pup from her father’s outside golden barrel cactus that lives in LA. I have been waiting for it to callus, and I went to check it… Read more »

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