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Succulent Wreath Sale Weekend

Black Friday Weekend, thru 11/26/23 It’s the Succulent Wreaths!  30% Off This Weekend! Online and in store So many succulents packed into one gorgeous giant (11″) wreath.  Nice enough for a centerpiece, great for a front door!   

Ruby Hedgehog Cactus

Echinocereus rubispinus, large and ruby-red, now in stock at your local Cactus Jungle. There’s something kind of, what’s the word here, kind of…. interesting… about these red-spined little cactus. Or not so little as it happens.

Late-Blooming Perennials

Lots of late-blooming perennials! Anigozanthos (Kangaroo Paws) Asclepias (Milkweed) Achillea (Yarrow) Gaillardia (Blanketflower)

Indoor Pottery

We have so many small pots, indoor and outdoor, with saucers and without, colors and glazes and terra cotta. Nice selection. You can Order Online now!

Houseplants – Cactus Jungle, Marin

We are stocked up for winter with houseplants galore. Greenery. Indoor plants. We have string of pearls, string of hearts, Goldfish plants, Rubber tree Ficus, Dracaenas, Alocasias, Euphorbias. I mean, you know, we have a great selection.

Free Delivery Expands to SF!

Cactus Jungle has expanded our free local delivery areas to include San Francisco, all of Oakland, and more! FREE Delivery Zones Berkeley Area: Free Delivery (by Zip Code) includes Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville, Piedmont, Oakland, Montclair, Kensington, Orinda, El Cerrito San Rafael Area: Free Delivery (by Zip Code) includes San Anselmo, San Rafael, Ross, Kentfield, Greenbrae, Larkspur, Corte… Read more »

Stapelia scitula

New Stapeliads out at the store today! Blooming too? Fancy! Available in our shop now!

Sprawling Succulents

Giant clusters of Stapelia gigantea! In case you like to start your collections with something big and impressive, we have one or two of these for you.

Cactus Flower

Echinopsis arachnacantha has some amazing and variable flowers, coming in generally in the yellow to orange range, like these, but sometimes white and even sometimes vibrant red. Genetics! 

Blue Flowers

New! Blue Kangaroo Paw flowers have dropped! Amazing! Astounding! Anigozanthos Fireworks and Anigozanthos Masquerade are true blue. Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, come stop by now! 💙


Matilija Poppy Romneya coulteri

Cactus Flowers

Cactus flower season! Echinopsis grandiflora hybrids in full bloom for your enjoyment.  

Blooming Cactus

It’s blooming cactus season right here at your friendly local Cactus Jungle Rebutia marsoneri


New hybrid, Aeonium “Starburst” with parent plant “Sunburst” #cactusjungle #cactusjunglemarin#aeonium #succulent

Foxtail Agave

Agave attenuata Virginia Street, Berkeley These seem to have come through our rough winter pretty nicely! Possibly because they’re up aginst a house, in a somewhat protected spot, under an eave. Good job!

Aeoniums, San Francisco

Aeoniums Schwartzkopf and arboreum, #2744, in the Sunset, near the beach, in San Francisco California!


Leucadendron “Safari Goldstrike” Cedar Street, Berkeley

Echinopsis “Big Bob”

I have no idea if this is just something someone told us this was called, but we’ve been growing a few of these extra fat San Pedros and they are ready for sale. Echinopsis pachanoi “Big Bob”. Is this a real name? Did we just make this up? Don’t know! But since we are not… Read more »

Foxtail Agave

Agave attenuata blooms just starting out. Main Street, San Francisco

Aeoniums, San Francisco

Aeonium arboreum massing in wood planter boxes at the family friendly Spark Social food truck park in Mission Bay. Everything is delicious.

Aloe Safari Rose

This one is Aloe “Safari Rose” which I almost like as much as the other Aloe Safaris. But my new macro lens does a pretty good job up close on those rosy flowers! Thanks, Dad.

Aloe Safari Orange

I want you all to know that just because I write these blog posts in a first-person chatty style doesn’t mean that I’m a chatty AI bot, I’m a real person! I have real feelings and likes and dislikes too. And I like these Safari series Aloes. This one is Aloe “Safari Orange”.


Leuchtenbergia principis really throws that whole artichoke discussion out the window. This one is the Agave Cactus. The Cactus Agave? The Artichoke Agave Cactus? I can’t keep it all straight anymore. These are small right now, but will grow big and fat. Like an articho…  agav… …like a cactus.

Artichoke as Metaphor

Obregonia denegrii looks enough like an artichoke that some people call it the Artichoke Cactus, not to be confused with Agave parryi truncata which is known as the Artichoke Agave. Maybe instead of comparing unrelated plants to artichokes, we should call the delicious and valuable artichoke the Pulque Vegetable.

Rusty Sedums

Sedum “Firecracker” turns rusty red colors in the fall, any day now!

Red Echeveria

Echeveria “Red Baron” was only available at our Marin store. But now it’s in Berkeley too! Buy now for local delivery? Yes!

Crassula “Sunset”

Crassula ovata “Sunset” have had a bit of a rough month with the recent heat, but this one looks good!

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