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Snake Head

Aloe peglerae snake head bloom stalk starting to make its way up!

Rose Mink

It’s Protea blooming season, so that’s a very good time of year. Right now! Blooming! Protea “Rose Mink” Common Name: Greyleaf SugarbushOrigin: South Africa P. laurifolia “Rose Mink”Evergreen Shrub Large pink flowers appear in mid-winter, with fine black and white hairs. grey-green leaves. Do not fertilize. Temperature: Hardy to 25°F Sun: Full Sun

Cape Aloe

Aloe ferox starting to bloom! Origin: South Africa Description: Single large toothy rosette on tall stalk, outdoor up to 8ft. Temperature: Hardy to 20-25F Full Sun to Part Sun

In the Greenhouse

Cactus Jungle Berkeley and the greenhouse is nice and cozy! The sun is playing hide and seek today, but we have #dracaena and #bromeliads and #gemstones and #airplants and #houseplants and #rareplants all hanging out in the cozy greenhouse.

Golden Barrel Cactus

That is one supreme Echinocactus grusonii clump. It’s one plant! Practically a whole planet’s worth, I think. 🌏 🌐 🌍 Echinocactus grusonii Come see our planet shaking Cactus at our Marin store now!

Oxalis palmifrons

Origin: South Africa Winter growing bulb with light pink flowers. Amazing palmate leaves. Will go dormant in the summer heat. Temperature: Hardy to 15F Full Sun to Part Sun

Tree Aloe

Mariposa St., San Francisco That’s a nice Aloe marlothii hanging out in the Dogpatch. Nice? Just nice? No no sorry no, I meant awesome. Gorgeous. Fancy.

Street Aloe, Berkeley

Aloe arborescens on 5th st in Berkeley has a nice big winter bloom stalk going for it.

Sunny Day Succulents

It’s a sunny day so it’s an Aeonium “Sunburst” but unfortunately it’s in the shade. Could I have moved out to the sun for the picture? You would think so…. 🤔 😉


It’s not a starfish, not at all. It’s an aloe! Aloe castilloniae (can someone check my spelling, please?)

Tiny Globules

Tiny globular leaves and then, surprise! tiny pink flowers! Tylecodon schaeferianus

Cactus San Francisco

It’s San Francisco’s latest Cactus garden up in the air at the Salesforce Park and that’s a San Pedro cactus and there’s an agave, oh and a yucca…. Nice!

California Native Succulents

Dudleya “Frank Reinelt” is a coastal variety of D. caespitosa, so you know it will grow well for you, assuming you are coastal too, since we are the Bay Area, so named after the coastal feature that defines it.

Tightly Stacked Succulent Leaves

Crassula columella Common Name: Silinderplakkie Origin: South Africa; Namibia Description: Miniature square-shaped vertical stems to 6″. Grows in quartz outcroppings along hillsides. Temperature : Hardy to 28F

Peperomia prostrata

Peperomia prostrata in production! Coming soon! That’s the parent plant in bloom… I love peperomia bloom spikes!

Aeonium Questions

I’m wondering why the succulents on this plant have gotten so small in size…the pant used to produce very large “blooms”…. Any idea? Thank you Brian Brian, What you have on the ends of each branch is a rosette, not a bloom – if they bloom they will form giant pyramids of small yellow flowers…. Read more »

Agave ocahui

Agave ocahui are astonishing, with a very vigorous terminal spine just hanging out there. That red on the tips is painted on. I used the latest in plant paint technology to individually get right up close to the most dangerous spines around and very delicately hand paint just the spines with no drips at all… Read more »

It’s a List Of Poisonous Plants for Dogs and Cats

I think this is the list of plants to avoid if your pets are plant-eaters. Browse Rover’s list of poisonous plants below to learn which plants are toxic to dogs, cats, or both, along with whether they’re commonly found in the wild, in gardens, or in homes as houseplants. Pet Poison Helpline provided common symptoms… Read more »

New Cactus Garden, Marin

We planted a new planter bed with a lot of really big cactus in Marin – we do have a store there now! I see a spectacular San Pedro and some gorgeous blooming grandiflora hybrids too. Nice! And here is Cris! And here the team is wearing Tyvek suits to prune the prickly pear. Glochids!… Read more »

Artichoke Cactus

It’s the ever fascinating Obregonia denegrii native to Mexico, in the state of Tamaulipas. Also known as peyotl.

Hedgehog Cactus Flowers

It’s some giant Echinocereus flowers! Hap thinks it’s E. enneacanthus. Maybe! It’s a very hardy cactus, growing in the upper reaches of New Mexico.

Orchid Cactus

A new Epiphyllum flower color! Peach… Orange… Peach… Orange… Nice.

Opuntia engelmanii

Common Name: Cactus Apple Origin: From California to Louisiana; Mexico Shrubby, sprawling to 10ft., yellow to apricot blooms, edible fruit Hardy to 15F Full Sun to Part Sun Low Water

Echinopsis grandiflora hybrids

Yow the hybrids have gone bonkers. This Echinopsis hybrid is “Tropical Pink”, everyone’s favorite giant cactus flower that we have been growing and cultivating and growing more of for decades. So nice.

Gasteria batesiana

Weird flowers, kind of bulbous, on your friendly local Gasterias. Fun!


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