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  • Cylindropuntia fulgida v. mammillata fa. monstrose

    (Boxing Glove Cholla)

    This monstrose form will often also form crests. Prone to rot if wet and cold.

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  • Aloe haworthioides

    Tiny with toothy leaves, slow clumping, many blooms

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  • Echeveria “Beauty”

    Stemless rosettes to 8″; green with red tips, slightly rounded leaves with sharp point at tip. Tight growth habit in full sun, more open in less.

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  • Euphorbia similiramea

    Red-grey spines, wildly branching and pendant green-blue stems.

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  • Mangave “Lavender Lady”

    Manfreda x Agave intergenic hybrid
    Mangave Bloodspot (Agave macroacantha x Manfreda maculosa) x Agave attenuata

    Soft lightly spotted silvery-lavender leaves with a moderate terminal spine. Rosettes to 20″ wide.

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  • Stenocactus “Palmillas”

    (Brain Cactus)

    S. crispatus “Palmillas”
    Echinofossulocactus palmillas

    Small cactus with wavy ribs.

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  • Raphionacme flanaganii

    Deciduous, tuberous rooted vine to 3’h.; expose caudex as it grows. Tiny yellow flowers.


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  • Agave “Black Widow”

    A. schidigera “Black Widow”

    Variegated leaves with strong central stripe and white painted lines. Stemless rosettes to 24″ w/hairy leaf margins, possibly an A. filifera subspecies/cultivar.

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  • Echeveria lilacina

    (Ghost Hens and Chicks)

    Small purplish rosettes to 6″. Slow growing, tight symmetrical rosettes. Round leaves with small pointed tips. Red flowers in spring.

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  • Pachyveria “Draco”

    Pachyphytum x Echeveria

    Thick rounded blue-green leaves with purplish-brown edges in full sun.

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  • Mammillaria senilis

    (Snowball Cactus)

    6″ round stems with lots of very white spines, with longer hooked spines. Large red flowers.



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  • Haworthia “Moon Shadow”

    H. “Tsukikage”
    H. bayeri cv or H. bayeri x H. comptoniana hybrid

    Dark green leaves, windowing on top has a partial white pattern of variegation. Flattened rosettes.

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  • Haworthia cooperi “OB1”

    Small rosettes, round-tipped leaves, striking blue color with dark markings and rounded windowed tops. They prefer very bright light, but little direct sun. Forms tight clusters.

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  • Euphorbia obesa

    (Baseball Plant)

    Small round striped plants. Will grow eventually to 12″ tall. Keep very dry, especially in winter.

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  • Peperomia verschaffeltii

    (Dwarf Watermelon Plant)

    Silver and green patterning. Can handle a variety of indoor light conditions, some direct sun. Fast draining soil, not too much water. Low growing, good in hanging baskets.

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  • Calathea lancifolia

    (Rattlesnake Plant)

    Narrow green leaves with spotted patterning. Tropical Houseplant can handle a variety of indoor light conditions, bright indirect is best. Fast draining soil, moderate (distilled) water but prefers not to sit in water. Occasionally mist the leaves.



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  • Mangave “Bloodspot”

    Agave x Manfreda

    Distinctive spotted compact rosette. Maroon colored fine-toothed leaf margins. Japanese hybrid.

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  • Aloe “Pepe”

    Dwarf hybrid with 2″ rosettes and toothy leaves that will turn bright red in full sun. Slow clumping, many blooms

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  • Haworthia retusa fa. geraldii

    (Star Cactus)

    Slightly erect, recurved leaves with striped green and white leaves. Clumping, stemless rosettes to 3″; Red in full sun

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  • Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii

    M. celsiana

    Usually solitary, globose to 6″. Variable spines. Carmine red flowers.

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  • Calathea orbifolia

    (Prayer Plant)

    Large round striped green leaves. Tropical Houseplant can handle a variety of indoor light conditions, bright indirect is best. Fast draining soil, moderate (distilled) water but prefers not to sit in water. Occasionally mist the leaves.




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Repotting a Cactus

Hi there, I don’t know if you can help me, but I need some advice on cactus care so I figured I’d give it a shot. I inherited this big girl (she is about 3.5 feet high) when a friend of mine abruptly left town. I was advised by a plant ID group that this… Read more »

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Is My Cactus Still Alive?

Hello, I’m seeking help for my cactus, and I don’t know who to talk to. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it looks like my cactus is deteriorating. The base of the cactus turned brown and the brown color is creeping up each branch. Even worse, the branches are cracking and look like they’re… Read more »

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