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  • Acacia cognata “Cousin Itt”

    (Little River Wattle)

    Weeping Evergreen Shrub

    Multi-branched dense weeping low-growing shrub. Lime green leaves and pale yellow flowers. Drought tolerant, summer can be dry, but keep watered before fire season. Great in containers.

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  • Phaius

    (Swamp Orchid)

    A genus of 45 rhizomatous terrestrial species in the Orchid Family (Orchidaceae) from Asia and the Pacific Islands. Tend to prefer regular even watering of the roots.

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  • Echinopsis lageniformis fa. monstrose

    (Penis Cactus)

    Trichocereus bridgesii “Monstruosa”

    There are a number of different clones of this monstrose cactus, but they all have the smooth skin, regular branches, and thin long spines.

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  • Opuntia santa-rita

    (Purple Prickly Pear)

    Shrubby clumps, 3-4ft. high. Pads turn purple after winter cold temperatures, or in full sun. Variable spines – some have a few long spines, others are mostly glochids.

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  • Dudleya gnoma

    (White Sprite)

    Tightly clumping tiny white rosettes. Sometimes sold as D. “White Sprite”.

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  • Echeveria “Etna”

    Large wavy blue and violet leaves with large and varied caruncles. 12″ rosettes. Flowers periodically Spring through Fall, with pink-orange flowers on tall stalks. Great for rock gardens.

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  • Protea “Pink Ice”

    (Pink Mink)

    P. neriifolia “Pink Ice”
    Evergreen Shrub

    Upright shrub with silvery rose bracts that enclose the white flowers. Needs very good drainage. Do not fertilize, except trace minerals. Spectactular but short-lived.

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  • Salvia “Allen Chickering”

    (Lavender Sage)

    Evergreen perennial

    Fragrant leaves make a nice tea. Lavender flower whorls make this a Bay Area garden favorite. Deer resistant, attracts butterflies, fragrant flowers.

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  • Haworthia cooperi “OB1”

    Small rosettes, round-tipped leaves, striking blue color with dark markings and rounded windowed tops. They prefer very bright light, but little direct sun. Forms tight clusters.

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  • Echinopsis huascha var. purpureominiata

    (Red Torch Cactus)

    Upright sprawling stems to 5ft. Variable flowers – red to yellow to orange.

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  • Eulophia petersii

    (Desert Orchid)

    Slow-clumping terrestrial orchid w/5ft. bloom stalks and small ruffly edged flowers.

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  • Sisyrinchium californicum

    (Yellow-Eyed Grass)

    Semi-Evergreen Perennial

    Winged stems carry yellow flowers in summer, Sword-shaped leaves.

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  • Aloe dichotoma

    (Quiver Tree, Kokerboom)

    Namaqualand, South Africa. Stunning tree aloe with caudex trunk, multi-branched to 25ft in habitat. Yellow blooms. Smooth trunked. While cold-hardy, we have had more success growing this indoor in the San Francisco Bay Area, from seedlings to larger specimens.

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  • Lithops

    (Split Rock, Living Stones)

    Very low water, they get most of their moisture from morning dew, and a small amount of rainfall in the late summer.

    We find that heavy misting every couple weeks is enough for most of the year, a little extra water down to the roots in August/September is best. To be fine with this level of water we recommend growing the Lithops in very bright indirect light, very little direct sun. With more sun they do take more water but it is tricky to get it right and they are rot prone if you try.

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  • Romneya coulteri

    (Matilija Poppy, Fried-Egg Poppy)

    Semi-deciduous Perennial Shrub

    Spectactular giant California poppy blooms on top tall stems. Difficult to establish, needs good drainage, but easy to care for.

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  • Matucana polzii

    M. aurantiaca subs. polzii

    2-3″ stems, tubular red flowers. Small clusters.

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