1/2ga. Pachypodium geayi

1/2ga. Pachypodium geayi – Madagascar Palm

Get a beautiful spiny succulent that will grow tall

1g Agave Blue Ember

1g Agave Blue Ember

Get a beautiful and vigorous Succulent!

Pictured: 5g Plant. Yours will be smaller.

1g Agave parryi truncata

1g Agave parryi truncata

Get a beautiful 1g Succulent!

Please Note: All plants are individuals and are unique. We deliver the plants we sell straight from our stores. If you are looking for a specific plant we recommend you do not order online but come in where you can take the time to look at all our plants and choose the perfect plant for you.

1g Aloe arborescens

1g Aloe arborescens, Aloe Vera

Get a beautiful shrubby hardy succulent with Aloe gel filled leaves.

1g Carex testacea

Cold Hardy 1g Carex testacea (New Zealand Hair Sedge)

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