Mixed Box of our 2″ Succulents

Mixed Box
You get 3, 4, or 12 different 2 inch Succulents, only $2.99 ea

Get a great selection of the latest and best 2 inch succulents. All will be different species.

Repot into our Cactus and Succulent Soil, or line them up on your windowsill! We water them every 1 week through the summer and a bit less in winter. If you repot into fast-draining cactus soil, in a bigger pot, you can reduce watering to every 1 1/2 weeks in the summer. Hotter windows and hotter climates require more watering. Humid locations will require less. Please make sure the soil is dry between watering.

Box of 3 $8.97
Box of 6 $17.94
Box of 12 $35.88


Succulents Simplified

Succulents Simplified
Growing, Designing, and Crafting with 100 Easy-Care Varieties

By Debra Lee Baldwin

“Demystifies these popular low-water beauties.” —Country Gardens Magazine

Whether you’re a novice or veteran, have an acre to fill or a just few pots, or live in Calexico or Canada, Succulents Simplified is a dazzling primer for success with succulents! Debra Lee Baldwin, the Queen of Succulents, profiles the 100 top plant picks and includes basic information on how to grow and care for succulents no matter where you live. Step-by-step projects, including a cake-stand centerpiece, special-occasion bouquets, a vertical garden, and a succulent topiary sphere, will inspire you to express your individual style.

The Timber Press Guide to Succulent Plants of the World

The Timber Press Guide to Succulent Plants of the World
A Comprehensive Reference to More than 2000 Species


By Fred Dortort

The plants are organized into 28 intuitively logical groups, such as succulent euphorbias, mesembryanthemums, bulbs, succulent trees, aloes, agaves, and haworthias. Each entry includes information on the plant’s native habitat, its cultivation requirements, and its horticultural potential. As useful to novice growers as to collectors and those with an existing interest in succulents, this will be the standard reference for years to come.

14″ Succulent Wreath

2020 Succulent Wreaths

These are Individually Handmade Wreaths. Makes a great gift! An awesome centerpiece. Backed with a wire ring for hanging.

Succulents are fully rooted in a moss ring with enough succulents to plant a garden.

Each wreath is unique – photo is accurate for quantity and types of succulents.

1g Aeonium Whippet

1g Aeonium Whippet

Get a colorful fast-growing rosette-style Succulent!

1g Slipper Plant

1g Pedilanthus bracteatus

Get a beautiful and unusual Succulent!




2g Aeonium Whippet

2g Aeonium Whippet

Get a colorful fast-growing rosette-style Succulent!

4 inch Aeonium Kiwi

4 inch Aeonium Kiwi

Get a beautiful and colorful rosette-style Succulent!


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