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Los Altos Euphorbias

We recently delivered a giant 9ft tall Euphorbia “Ammak” down all the way to Los Altos. At least we thought it was giant. It sure looked giant in our store greenhouse! But as you can see it is the small Euphorbia there! They’ve been growing them for many years and the new one looks tiny!… Read more »

Gorgeous Tiny Stapeliad Flowers

Cynanchum marnierianum Amazing little flower, but look there’s 8 more buds too! The plant itself is all hanging bare stems. Practically a “stick plant” I’d you ask me.

Prickly Pear Pests

Hi- I got this guy from you a couple months ago. I’m worried it has developed a fungus. What do you think those dots are? Thanks! Stephanie Stephanie, That is Scale, a small hard-shelled insect that sucks the juices out of cactus. We recommend spraying with natural pyrethrins. We sell Don’t Bug Me which will… Read more »

Berkeley Yucca Garden

Heinz Street, Berkeley A nicely blooming Yucca in the Aquatic Park Gardens with a beautiful red Leucadendron in front. Sweet!

Star Cactus

Ariocarpus fissuratus vibrantly blooming in autumn. Common Name: Star Rock, Chaute Origin: Big Bend, Texas; Mexico Description: Slow-growing to 10″d; hairy center; summer blooms; keep dry in winter Hardy to 25F Full Sun Extra Chunky Cactus Soil Low Water

Umbrella Flower

Ceropegia sandersonii has giant umbrealla, or parachute-like flowers! Very unusual vining Stapeliad. Common Name: Parachute Plant, Umbrella Flower Origin: Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland Description: Vining Stapeliad with massive unusual parachute-like flowers. Characteristics: Hardy to 45F Part Sun Low Water

Blooming Cactus Flowers

Beautiful Ariocarpus retusus flowers! Ariocarpus retusus Common Name: Living Rock Cactus, Seven Stars, Chaute Origin: Mexico Description: Highly variable, possibly through hybridizing. Slow-growing to 10″d; hairy center; summer blooms. Keep dry in winter Temperature: Hardy to 15F


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