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Crassula “Buddha’s Temple”

People ask if we have Crassula “Buddha’s Temple” available and for a number of years we’ve had to say “no”. Until now. We finally have a real crop ready, to size and on the floor and ready for sale. Nice! Hopefully we will be able to keep these growing on for years to come so… Read more »

Los Angeles Area Cactus Show 

Were you wondering what to do next weekend? Are you going to be in Encino next weekend? You are in luck! If your garden yearns for crazy, colorful, drought-hearty plants, the Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society aims to satisfy at its first Fall Sale Sept. 16 in Encino. A variety of cacti and succulents are… Read more »

Dragonfruit Recipe

I found this delicious Dragonfruit Sherbet recipe from our local Berkeleyside! It’s been a very hot weekend (Record heat throughout Berkeley, San Francisco and Oakland? Yes!) so it’s what you want. Right now. Incredibly addictive, this sherbet offers a celebration of refreshing and complementary flavor in every spoonful. The cool dragon fruit is faintly milky,… Read more »

Million Hearts

Tiny little pinkish-white flowers appear all along the vines of this epiphitic jungle succulent. Dischidia ruscifolia Common Name: Million Hearts Origin: Philippines Vining epiphyte; good for hanging baskets, or terrariums. Hardy to 40F Part Sun Jungle Cactus/Orchid Blend Low Water


Artemesia tridentata with a moth visitor.

Chickens and Succulents

Zebra striped Haworthia and Sedum burrito, plus chickens, in Idaho, near Twin Falls, but not in Twin Falls. Idaho.


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