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Delicious Prickly Pear Fruit

That is some delicious looking large red cactus fruit, aka Tunas, Prickly Pears, Sabras, nōchtli and more names! This is on one of our larger Opuntia robusta plants. When they get in the ground they can produced a lot of fruit, just for you if that’s what you want, or for all your neighbors and friends… Read more »

Arizona Star 

Agave weberi “Arizona Star” Common Name: Weber’s Agave, Maguey Liso Origin: Mexico, Cultivar From Arizona Description: 6ft. rosette, striped leaves curve outward Temperature: Hardy to 15F

Cactus ID for Everyone!

Subject: cactus photo sent you a message asking for your help finding out what kind of cactus this is thanks for all your help Mr Leslie Paulson Your cactus is a Cereus c.v. Monstrose! Peter

It’s an Echeveria

this was a gift but i don’t know what it is….could you possibly id it? Greatly appreciated …mike Mike, Sure! It’s an Echeveria, possibly Echeveria “Gilva”. Peter

Echinopsis Flower

Echinopsis x grandiflora hybrid “Butterfly Mango” showing off.

Best of the East Bay

It’s a plaque! From the East Bay Express. It says something along the lines of We’re the Best. Yay.

Stapelia with Scale Infestation

I bought two plants but am not sure what they are . one look like it was sufering from rot so I removed the bad sections and repotted in new cactus type mix. Wound up with two pots from one because root system was large. Some of the plant is whiteish, Is this sunburn? Santi… Read more »

Oakland Succulents

Hello! I purchased a few succulents there about a month ago. They were doing great but when I went to check if they needed watering yesterday (they did) I noticed two had brown edges and the aloe was spotty. I think this just means the two just need more water but can’t remember if the… Read more »

Euphorbia squarrosa

Coming soon! Euphorbia squarrosa Origin: South Africa Description: Green spiny branches atop an irregular caudex which is underground in habitat. Green inflorescence with yellow and red centers. Temperature: Hardy to 32F Sun: Full Sun to Part Sun Soil: Extra Chunky Water: Low Water

Dudleyas for Everyone!

Hi Peter I was at Cactus Jungle this morning – here is a picture of my succulent that is unidentified. It has been in the ground three years in full sun has not grown much in that time. Looks like a chrysanthemum. Thank you Hortensia Hortensia, That’s a Dudleya. We do have those here at… Read more »


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