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Cactus ID Question

Hi- Would you be so kind as to ID my cactus? Thanks, Jim That’s an Echinopsis, a very nice specimen Echinopsis thelegonoides! Nice. Peter

Agave Questions, Answered

Maryann with the Marin Independent Journal wants to know about all the agaves blooming all at once all over Marin. Interesting! I read that the American agaves really do die after blooming – but live on through their offspring. Is that so? Yes, if they’ve had the offspring by then. Also, the giant bloom stalks… Read more »

Summer Cactus Flower

It’s a cholla in full bloom! Well, it’s a single cholla flower. At least! Maybe I could zoom out and we’d see if there are more flowers. And it’s a California native cactus too. Cylindropuntia fulgida Chain-Fruit Cholla, Boxing glove Cholla Origin: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Baja California Medium height tree cholla, to 6ft tall…. Read more »

We Made Best of the East Bay! 

Finally!  Best Place for Learning How to Grow Designer Succulents Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden  If your green thumb is nonexistent, but you still want to try your hand at growing beautiful plants, there is hope. In this lush nursery of both cacti and succulents, you’ll find low-maintenance plants of every color, height, and even… Read more »

The Universe is Big

How big? Let’s ask the good folks at the Onion. Did You Know? — The Onion (@TheOnion) July 17, 2017

They Get Venus Flytrap Questions

It takes a lot of patience to answer some questions, sometimes…, like this one that the Straight Dope got about… Venus Flytraps from Space!! So there’s that. Dear Straight Dope: I checked your archive and I couldn’t find anything about this, so I thought I’d ask you. Years ago I remember reading that scientists were… Read more »

Echeveria Garden 

That’s a beautiful Echeveria subrigida in full bloom!  Dowling Pl, Berkeley 

Dasylirion Bloomstalk

Good morning – We purchased the plant next to my son in this photo from you about 2+ years ago. I cannot recall the name of it – but note it is now producing a giant shoot or blossom that is about 10 feet tall. What can you tell me about this – I have… Read more »

Succulent Cake

This looks delicious! Succulent Cake by Iven Kawi. Photo: via Avantgardens


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