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Montana Sends a Cactus Photo

Hi! Could you tell me the name of this cactus? It’s a very small, low-growing, spreading, clumping one with fine spines and orange flowers. Thanks in advance, Montana Montana, That little cactus is Rebutia fiebrigii. Peter

Pterocactus tuberosus 

Ben’s weird caudiciform opuntioid is blooming! Pterocactus tuberosus  Thanks for sharing, Ben! Hopefully we’ll have some available by fall. We can all hope. 

61 Cactus Blooms

Dominic sends along this San Pedro photo. Wow! The bees must be going nuts! I bought this San Pedro cactus from you many years ago. It has bloomed a few times with only a few flowers. This year we got 61 flowers from it!

Tokidoki Special Edition

It’s the Tokidoki Unicorno Pride Special Edition – It’s a 2-pack! We sell a lot of the Tokidoki toys, mostly the Cactus Friends and the Unicornos (also spiky!) since we are a spiky kind of nursery kind of place. And now they’ve released a Pride Special Edition?!? And we are in the middle of Pride… Read more »

Roland Shares a Cactus Bloom 

​Gymnocalycium Rotundulum I bought from you guys a couple of years ago. Its first time having multiple blooms. Wow!

Easter Lily Cactus 

Echinopsis oxygona  Origin: South America Description: Forms clumps. Stems are variable – 2-10″ diameter; spines are variable, not always present. Large tubular showy flowers range from pinkish white to lavender, sometimes light red. Temperature: Hardy to 20F Full Sun to Part Sun

Vintage Cactus

From National Geographic, it’s a Vintage Saguaro! Mazatzal, Arizona National Geographic | February 1974 via Vintage National Geographic

Pincushion Protea, Berkeley 

Leucospermum “Scarlet Ribbons”  Common Name: Nodding Pincushion Origin: South Africa Description: Evergreen Shrub Medium sized shrub with serrated leaves and red tips. Gorgeous multicolored pincushion flowers in yellow, orange, pink, and scarlet. Tolerates a wider range of soils than most Leucospermums. Temperature: Hardy to 25-30F Sun: Full Sun Water: Low Size: 5ft


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