Cactus Jungle of Berkeley carries an ever-varying selection of terrariums – including hand blown and recycled glass. New Glass Terrariums!

Planted terrarium prices start at $9.95

terrarium_kitTerrarium Kits – 2 Sizes!

Glass prices range from $2.99 and up


Most include Air Plants (Tillandsias!), Many are planted with succulents and other small houseplants.

We also carry mixed preserved mosses, colored sand and colored gravels and a full range of terrarium ornaments including Mini Animals!

terrariums_2015a terrariums_2012b
terrariums_2012d terrariums_2011hterrariums_2012Fterrariums_2012e 2013_succulent_terrarium


Everything you need to make your own terrariums:

terrarium_glass9 terrarium_glass4terrarium_glass3

Glass of all shapes and sizes new this year. More recycled glass options, too.

sea_urchin_shell1 shellssea_urchin_shell2

Shells – Dozens of types, all different sizes. Mixed colored gravels and sands and Mixed preserved moss packs


And we always have more Tillandsias, more species and sizes, more fun.

HOUSEPLANTS for Terrariums – lots more houseplants here

phalaenopsis4 saintpaulia_african_violet2alternanthera_burgundy-threads2

Orchids and African Violets

Alternathera “Burgundy Threads” is pretty stunning for a scrawny little houseplant. I like it!

Pellionia daveauana – Rainbow Vine – seems unusually interesting for a tiny houseplant.

Peperomia scandens variegata is a nice variegated version of a plant we’ve been growing for years now. Now we’re growing a variegated one too, apparently. I wish Hap had told me sooner. I like this.

Pilea spruceana – Silver Tree – is an old-fashioned houseplant that’s making a stylistic comeback.

Pilea cadierei – so many houseplants! I’m getting tired!

More! Plectranthus coleoides variegata – Swedish Ivy – too!

Lots more houseplants here