New Cactus and Succulents for the SF Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area Cactus and Succulents


Spring! Well, it’s March, so it’s coming…!! More rain before then, of course, but that’s all good.

And this means 2 things. We’re bringing out the perennials after a long quiet winter and it’s our…


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Crassula “Sunset” is the most colorful of the Jade Plants. Pretty impressive, actually, it only took 125 years of constant hybridization and cultivation to achieve this one colorful plant. Enjoy!

Crassula marmorata is small and thick-leaved and dark green and spotted.

Echeveria “Big Red is true to it’s name – it gets big and it’s red. Very red in full sun! Practically bronze. And multi-branched, which is quite unusual for a large-rosetted hybrid echeveria.

Echeveria “Silver Queen” has thinner, narrower leaves on a smaller rosette and no trunk or branches at all. But greyish and purplish colors are there for you anyway, regardless.

Crassula lactea is new to us. The leaves are pretty open on those climbing stems. Nice shape, nice color. It will get white flowers, and the stems will drape and trail along the ground. In it’s native South Africa they call it Taylor’s Parches. True!

Haworthia “Barcelona” is another banded Haworthia cultivar, this one forming wide open rosettes and thick white stripes.

Gasteraloe “Midnight” is a classic color-changing plant. Dark green in winter, bronze in summer.

Euphorbia mammillaris “Variegata” is the White Corncob succulent with the tiny red flowers on top. Yes, those red specks are the flowers. Colorful!

Ben tells me that Sedum oblanceolatum is rare, and it’s certainly rare for us. But I wasn’t sure it was rare enough to include in the rare plants section below. Little greyish rosettes look like flowers. Very cold hardy, some like to call it the Applegate stonecrop. And it’s a California Native! From the Siskiyous.

Aloe “Twilight Zone” is the darkest, blackest aloe and that makes it difficult to photograph against a black background.

Crassula “Chiquito” has tight bunches of red stems with small green and red leaves, topped with tiny red and white flowers.

Sansevieria “Whitney” is a multi-variegated Snake Plant. We always have a lot of Sansevierias, and yet I don’t feature them very often. I wonder why?

Also in the greenhouse, near the Snakeplants, we have the Column Euphorbia section, very full right now! Lots of different sizes and types! We grow so many, and yet you all keep buying them faster than we can grow them! Maybe it’s because they are the lowest light cactus-like houseplant.

Aeonium “Catlin” has nice color, even in winter. The leaves come out a very fresh green but turn burgindy red in no time at all.

Aloe “Snapper” is this month’s collectible spotted-Aloe, because everyone always wants a new collectible spotted-aloe for their collection. At least the collectors do. And you too.


Pachycereus marginatus, Mexican Fenceposts all lined up. These get tall!

Opuntia “Desert Gem is the tiny prickly pear. These stay small!

The round stems of the Cumulopuntia boliviana pop off the plant and roll down the hill, so if you have a hill plant it at the top and over time you’ll have a whole slope of them!

Parodia erubescens has great red spines and beautiful lemon yellow flowers. They stay solitary, so you’ll have to plant a lot of them to get a full hillside slope of them.


Oh, you’re going to love this one! Hydnophytum moseleyanum is an epiphytic tropical Ant Plant from the Indonesia. Hollow tunnels provide homes for ants high up in the trees while the ants leave behind their waste – and they provide protection too! Symbiosis.

Frerea indica is a shrubby, leafy stapeliad with stinky red carrion flowers. How stinky? Well just look at this picture:

Stinky! Must be pollinated by flies or beetles or some such little insect. It’s from India.

Boophane haemanthoides is a large South African bulb in the Amaryllis family with crazy flowers.

For some reason of all the rare Dorstenias we’ve had for sale, we’ve missed out on this cute little favorite, Dorstenia foetida, until now! So green, so lush.

Albuca polyphylla “Augrabies Hills” is a beautiful small bulb with green and white striped flowers. Why look – there one is coming up right now! When it opens it will have a yellow center. Green and white stripes AND a yellow center? What kind of witchcraft is this?!?


Tillandsia tectorum are soft and fuzzy, and possibly the cutest of all the airplants. But some will argue for T. ionantha guat. Good luck with that fight!

A large glass vase filled with Tillandsia xerographica? Finally!

Drosera leucoblasta is another Pgymy Sundew we’ve been growing and look how full that pot is! They must be really small Sundews to fit that many in one small pot. It’s from Australia and it has very large red and orange flowers. They are awesome.


Helleborus “Penny’s Pink” is the most colorful winter-blooming, shade-tolerant, low-water garden plant at the store! Penny’s idea of Pink is more purplish-red.

Scilla peruviana is about to explode with purple flowers! A large bulb with strappy green leaves, this Giant Squill is from the Western Mediterranean.

Another European garden favorite, Euphorbia amygdaloides “Purpurea” has never looked better.

Winter-blooming cone-flower! Leucadendron “Wilson’s Wonder” is stunning, so many spots of yellow. It’s a South African shrub in the Protea family, so good soil, no fertilizer.

Ceanothus “Frosty Dawn” is a holly-leafed California Lilac from the San Luis Obispo coastal hills. It’s fun to have winter-blooming perennials in your garden – they can surprise you in the middle of a rainy winter with so much color.

An Australian shrub in the Protea family, Banksia “Fireworks” is showing what it can do.


Our newest Handmade pots come to us from Mudlove in Indiana. Made just for us, they converted their mug design to a pot! They even supplied a drainage hole, just like we asked. And colorful, too.

New French soaps! Great simple scents, plus my favorite soap, pure Olive Oil and Coconut Oil from Savon de Marseille. You’ll love it!

Amazing Gardener’s Soaps from Sweden.

Beautiful new Zips from Danica

New handmade glass bowls and plates from 8Petals Design. They are very blue, although the blue in the picture may be more blue than the real blue. It’s a hard color to capture! So dense with blue color…

Our newest blind-box toy is Treeson and Friends! Classic Hong Kong anime characters.