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Spring Cactus Flowers! 

Rebutia narvaecense  Origin: Bolivia Description: Generally clumping small 1″ barrels with hordes of blooms in spring Temperature: Hardy to 25F

Small Burgundy Carrion Flower

Frerea indica  Common Name: Dragon Breast Origin: India Description: Stapeliad. Small burgundy star-shaped carrion flowers low on the stems. Fleshy green leaves when watered, drops leaves when dry. Reduce watering in winter. Prefers to be outside in a protected location.


Our first epi flower  of the year has opened and its red! Cactus flowers for everyone!

Cape Daisies for Spring! 

The range of Osteospermum colors is quite pleasant, and they’re hardy in Berkeley, growing year round and blooming from March through October! They’re opening up everywhere around town. These are on Ashby Ave. 

Napa Cactus Garden

RoseAnn sends along a photo of her garden, “The daffodils and aloes are going crazy”. Indeed they are!

Aeonium in Bloom 

Russell St, Berkeley  Aeonium arboreum cultivar in full bloom with lots of little yellow flowers! 

It’s the Cactus Pets 

Joy got the Cactus Pet bunny, “Hoppy”!  And yes, we sell toys at the Cactus Jungle. Everyone loves a cactus toy! 

Rare Terrestrial Orchid

We’ve started growing Eulophia callichroma, an African pseudobulb terrestrial orchid found from Tanzania to Swaziland, presumably low-water – and we’ll see! But we’ve already got our first plant to flower, so that’s a good thing. It’s a tiny flower and that’s the best picture I could get without lights and a tripod, which are elsewhere… Read more »

Carnivorous Plants and Convergent Evolution

Nature has the story. (B)y studying the pitcher plant’s genome — and comparing its insect-eating fluids to those of other carnivorous plants — researchers have found that meat-eating plants the world over have hit on the same deadly molecular recipe, even though they are separated by millions of years of evolution. “We’re really looking at… Read more »

Succulent Planter Troughs

Mark sends along these pictures of what their planter trough looked like when we first planted it. And what it looks like now. Big!

Customer Complements! 

​Peter, I received the wreath yesterday, thank you.  I am giving it as a Christmas gift, but it really is so beautiful, that I hate to part with it. Tell the gang at Cactus Jungle I said “great job” Enjoy the holidays and all the best for the new year. Mary

San Pedro Cactus, California

We’ve had such stunning blossoms from this cactus we purchased from you 3 years ago. Thought you’d like to see our biggest crop yet! The photo was taken today. Carol, Los Altos Hills, CA

Pachypodiums in Winter

Hi there, I have gotten many plants from you through out the years. One of the plants I have, got damaged. Just noticed it at an angle this AM. I am hoping you can kindly help me again like in the past. Can I (and how), propagate the fallen portion? It has fresh growth on… Read more »

Succulent Wreaths 

In stock now, at your local Cactus Jungle. Local, if you live near us. And that would be Berkeley . California!  Otherwise you can buy them online and we’ll ship them. To you! In the US. To Europe too? No, not to Europe too. Not to South America. Not to Africa. And not even to Australia. How… Read more »

Cactus Costume Winner 2016

The winner of my custom cactus costume online contest for this year is our very own Conor! Hand-sewn cactus spines! Team-building Logo!

Propagating of Echeverias – The Question

Hi, I recently bought an Echeveria “Culebra” and i’d like to know how I can propagate it. Thanks very much Silvia Silvia, You can propagate it like other Echeverias through leaf cuttings. The process can take 2 years to get small plants. More info is here. Or check out the blog here. Peter

We Get Questions

Hi, I keep this in a sunny window, lately I’ve been seeing this brown shriveling in some sections of the plant. I water weekly with Schultz cactus food in the water. Any suggestions on how to bring back to health? Possibly I’m watering too often? Thanks very much. Jim Jim, You’ve got a couple different… Read more »




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