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We Made Best of the East Bay! 

Finally!  Best Place for Learning How to Grow Designer Succulents Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden  If your green thumb is nonexistent, but you still want to try your hand at growing beautiful plants, there is hope. In this lush nursery of both cacti and succulents, you’ll find low-maintenance plants of every color, height, and even… Read more »

The Universe is Big

How big? Let’s ask the good folks at the Onion. Did You Know? — The Onion (@TheOnion) July 17, 2017

They Get Venus Flytrap Questions

It takes a lot of patience to answer some questions, sometimes…, like this one that the Straight Dope got about… Venus Flytraps from Space!! So there’s that. Dear Straight Dope: I checked your archive and I couldn’t find anything about this, so I thought I’d ask you. Years ago I remember reading that scientists were… Read more »

Echeveria Garden 

That’s a beautiful Echeveria subrigida in full bloom!  Dowling Pl, Berkeley 

Dasylirion Bloomstalk

Good morning – We purchased the plant next to my son in this photo from you about 2+ years ago. I cannot recall the name of it – but note it is now producing a giant shoot or blossom that is about 10 feet tall. What can you tell me about this – I have… Read more »

Succulent Cake

This looks delicious! Succulent Cake by Iven Kawi. Photo: via Avantgardens

Montana Sends a Cactus Photo

Hi! Could you tell me the name of this cactus? It’s a very small, low-growing, spreading, clumping one with fine spines and orange flowers. Thanks in advance, Montana Montana, That little cactus is Rebutia fiebrigii. Peter

Pterocactus tuberosus 

Ben’s weird caudiciform opuntioid is blooming! Pterocactus tuberosus  Thanks for sharing, Ben! Hopefully we’ll have some available by fall. We can all hope. 

61 Cactus Blooms

Dominic sends along this San Pedro photo. Wow! The bees must be going nuts! I bought this San Pedro cactus from you many years ago. It has bloomed a few times with only a few flowers. This year we got 61 flowers from it!

Tokidoki Special Edition

It’s the Tokidoki Unicorno Pride Special Edition – It’s a 2-pack! We sell a lot of the Tokidoki toys, mostly the Cactus Friends and the Unicornos (also spiky!) since we are a spiky kind of nursery kind of place. And now they’ve released a Pride Special Edition?!? And we are in the middle of Pride… Read more »

Roland Shares a Cactus Bloom 

​Gymnocalycium Rotundulum I bought from you guys a couple of years ago. Its first time having multiple blooms. Wow!

Easter Lily Cactus 

Echinopsis oxygona  Origin: South America Description: Forms clumps. Stems are variable – 2-10″ diameter; spines are variable, not always present. Large tubular showy flowers range from pinkish white to lavender, sometimes light red. Temperature: Hardy to 20F Full Sun to Part Sun

Vintage Cactus

From National Geographic, it’s a Vintage Saguaro! Mazatzal, Arizona National Geographic | February 1974 via Vintage National Geographic

Pincushion Protea, Berkeley 

Leucospermum “Scarlet Ribbons”  Common Name: Nodding Pincushion Origin: South Africa Description: Evergreen Shrub Medium sized shrub with serrated leaves and red tips. Gorgeous multicolored pincushion flowers in yellow, orange, pink, and scarlet. Tolerates a wider range of soils than most Leucospermums. Temperature: Hardy to 25-30F Sun: Full Sun Water: Low Size: 5ft

Crassula pubescens ssp. rattrayi

Crassula pubescens ssp. rattrayi Common Name: Red Carpet Origin: South Africa Description: Forms a carpet of lightly fuzzy leaves, green in shade and bright red in full sun. Afternoon shade needed in inland locations. Temperature: Hardy to 25F

California Beavertail Cactus 

Opuntia basilaris  Classic blue cactus from the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts. Very low water, can handle high heat and winter cold if dry. Pink flowers. Loads of small glochids, very few spines. Will get 2 to 3 feet tall and spread 6 to 8 feet wide over time. Pads were used medicinally. Temperature: Hardy to… Read more »

Knobbly Mesembs

Cute South African succulents in the Mesemb Family, also known as the Iceplant Family, also known as the Living Stone Family. Indeed! To be clear the actual family name is Aizoaceae, Sub-Family Ruschioideae. And yet they’re called Mesembs because at some point in the past the family was called Mesembryanthemaceae. And some will dispute the… Read more »

Ceropegia Flower Just Starting to Open 

Ceropegia serpentina is one of the strangest succulents with a basically bare stem that travels in weird directions. Until it blooms. Here it is just starting to open. And there are more than a dozen more buds still to come!  Stapeliads for everyone! 

Carrion Flowers 

These are among the stinkiest carrion flowers ever!  Orbea lutea ssp vaga 

Rachel Sends Echeveria Flowers

I’m not sure who writes these monthly emails, but you’re awesome. Keep ’em coming! Love the pictures and hilarious descriptions. 🙂 If I didn’t already have too many succulents I’d be over there today buying more <3 -rachel

Closeup Cactus Flower 

Rebutia narvaecense  Origin: Bolivia Description: Generally clumping small 1″ barrels with hordes of blooms in spring Temperature: Hardy to 25F

Vining Caudiciform 

​Ibervillea lindheimeri vining nicely. Buds are coming too!  Common Name: Balsam Gourd, Globeberry Origin: Texas; Mexico Description: Large white caudex, annual vines, dormant in winter. Vines have long tendrils, small yellow flowers and red berries.

Dave Sends a Photo…

…of a giant blooming cactus he got from Cactus Jungle! Thought you would enjoy A picture of a cactus we brought from you two years ago. Dave Nice. That’s one of our Echinopsis grandiflora hybrids.

Snowy Pudding 

This gorgeous Echeveria should be called “Snowy Pudding” But no. It’s called “White Rose”  That’s not right.  😉 


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