Red Dragon Flower


Huernia schneideriana is the blood-red Dragon Flower.

Long recumbent stems can reach 20″, small burgundy flowers.

  • Hardy to 20F
  • Part Shade
  • Cactus Soil
  • Low Water

This Carrion Flower in the Stapeliad Family, which is now Stapeliae, the Stapeliad Tribe in the Milkweed (Asclepiad) Family, which is now Asclepiadoideae, the Asclepiad Subfamily in the Dogbane Family, Apocynaceae.

So to recap, Carrion Flower, Stapeliad, Dragon Flower. But not in the Stapeliad Family as once thought and not in the Asclepiad Family as once thought since Stapeliads were moved as a tribe to Asclepiads which were moved as a subfamily to the Dogbane Family which got a lot bigger, and this recap failed in being a recap and ended being more of a restatement of the facts as they appear.

And what does the rest of the plant look like? Here is a picture of the unflowered stems.