There are a lot of different colors of Monkeyflowers, i.e. the Mimuluses are running rampant.

California wildflowers for everyone!


Mimulus “Apricot” I assume so named for the apricot color of the flowers, and not for the apricot taste of the fruit. But then what do I know.

Mimulus Pamela

Mimulus “Pamela” is named for someone I assume who came to the party with the name of Pamela. So says I. Oh, and Pamela is Vietnamese for Yellow.

Mimulus Valentine

Mimulus “Valentine” is obviously named for the Valentine region of Spain where they grow the cherry red lipstick colors so often favored on Valentine’s Day.

Mimulus Curious Orange

Mimulus “Curious Orange” is probably named after Curious George, the famous British Monkey-Boy. A lot of Mimuluses are named Georgie-something and Iassume that is trademarked so these next propagators of Orange Monkeyflowers took the Curious part of the name instead.

Monkeyflowers for everyone!